Tuesday, September 10, 2013

9/11.Never Forget

A view from Jersey City, N.J., of the Manhattan skyline with the twin towers in March 2000.
A view from Jersey City, N.J., of the Manhattan skyline with the twin towers in March 2000.

 I , like so many other Americans watched in horror the events taking place that early morning in New york City.Washington DC, and finally a crash in rural Shanksville, PA. We sat glued to our televisions, mesmerized at the audacity of a terrorist attack taking place inside our borders,on American soil!
I had been on the phone with a friend at the local radio station when he said "is your TV on? if not , turn it on NOW".. and we continued to discuss the  atrocitiy taking place before our very eyes..in disbelief! I was still in my jammies and robe staring at the television when the evening news came on...
No , I've not forgotten a single moment of that day, nor those following, where our America pulled together, mourned  our dead, picked up the pieces and rallied together.. United as one..
Our lives changed that day..our innocence was lost..
but we still and will always .. remember..

The New York City skyline as seen from Jersey City, N.J., without the twin towers on Sept. 12, 2001.
New York City...

Washington, DC.. the Pentagon
Shanksville, PA crash site of United Airlines flight 93
and today, we remember still..

New York City..World trade Center memorial

The Pentagon..Washington DC

Shanksville PA Crash site Memorial

all images courtesy Google Images..

We shall Never Forget!

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  1. Loui: I usually don't post links to my blog on other bloggers comments section, but in this case I hope you won't mind. I hope your readers go check out my review of the 9/11 book about the artifacts that will be at the new 9/11 Memorial and Museum. xo



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