Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Funny how time slips away..

One year ago we awoke to horror..
in our own back yard..
Not a terrorist attack like 9/11..
but a tsunami of sorts...
an offshore oil rig exploded..
killing 11 workers..
a flume of oil spewed unstopped into our beautiful Gulf of Mexico..
for months,,
until finally, in mid August the flow was capped..
and stopped..
but for all those months of spewing oil..
lives on shore were being impacted..
fisherman and shrimpers could no longer ply their trades..
no dollars coming in meant non payment of mortgages/bills..
which in turn caused massive foreclosure of homes..
closing of business meant loss of jobs..
and the cycle continues..
after a year, tourists are returning..
that's ME.. a Native..not a tourist!
fishermen are again taking to the fishing grounds..
and we've been told..
the danger is over..
the Gulf coast is open for play and business as usual..
but is it really?
no one knows for sure the damage done by the oil on the floor of the Gulf..
or of the dispersant used to break it up on top of the water..
who can say the marine  life has not been genetically altered/affected by the oil?
many species continue to wash ashore on a regular basis..
many of which are baby or immature..
so many unanswered questions of this ticking time bomb..
in the meantime..
 the anniversary of this tragic event was relegated to the back page of the newspaper!
Guess those people in high places seem to think "Out of Sight..Out of Mind..
but not for those whose lives and livelihoods have been forever changed..
not by a Natural Disaster..
but by HUMAN carelessness...
Please pray for continued recovery of our natural and human resources/assets..
Every little bit helps..

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  1. You really have me thinking. You are right.
    I am ashamed to say it can be out of sight, out of mind.

    Thank you for the reminder Loui-

    You are the best-

    White Spray Paint

  2. Yes, the subject has been coming back on's not over yet! and the horrible stories about how the bp money was ill-used in some places...monies that should have gone to the fisherman. corruption everywhere.

  3. It is so sad that the out of sight out of mind mentality is there. There is still so much to do. That picture of the fisherman and the mermaid to me speaks volumes. I pray that they can get their act together and revisit this to find and help future damage.

  4. It really is sad and I just realized that that accident happened also on the same date as the Columbine shootings.
    I heard an interview yesterday on NPR about these poor fishermen in this area. I hope they are able to get back on their feet soon. It is troublesome.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment.

  5. Oh Loui, you know my heart still breaks. The mermaid in that stunning painting represents the 1000s and 1000s of birds and sea critters we've lost and still continue to loose as a result of this tragic event. The fisherman who has found her represents the 11,000 jobs that were lost.

    From what I understand NBC was the only large news station that was actually there reporting and giving us updates on the what is still going on. He was in Louisiana and showed the oil that is still found in the seagrass and under the muck that lines the shore. He interviewed a 5th generation shrimper, who had to layoff most of his employees and only received 30% of what he lost in revenue from BP. He also interviewed Ann Sheridan, their environmentalist reporter. He showed this in his broadcast on the 18th and live clips were shared throughout the day on MSNBC.

    Yes, it has gone from the minds of most people and I wish there had been more coverage on all the networks. The effects of this oil spill are still going on each and everyday and will for generations to come. Most folks don't know how something like this — in our oceans — will continue to impact their lives and the lives of their descendants. Breaks my heart.

    Thank you for writing about this today, my dear sister of the sea. We must do all we can to protect our oceans.


  6. Yes, a good reminder. I saw on the news the other night about some dolphins.... so sad.

  7. Thanks for the post, I think people need to remember this horrible disaster. I do not believe it is over, it could be years and they will still be finding evidence. Just like in Alaska. Wonderful photos and Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Easter.

  8. I am a big proponent of healthy living for all creatures. Thank you for the best Earth Day post to remind us that we must take care of her.

    Your menu sounds so yummy!


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