Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday thoughts..

How does your garden grow?

As previously mentioned..
both constant ,much needed rain..
and the onslaught of my dreaded predator..
Arthur Ritis, 
rendered me a pitiful mess..
leaving me unable to tend my gardens..
This morning, was periodically sunny yet still overcast..
I wandered the yard as is the norm on early mornings..
and viewed the most healthy crop of weeds EVER!
some of my flowers have managed to escape their stranglehold.!
The tenacity of weeds never ceases to amaze me..
their ability to survive year after year,
despite the seasons of drought, 
rain deluges,..
and months of being buried under snow and/or ice..
But, our Maker knew  when He created this masterpiece..
beauty would abound..
even in the lowly weeds..
what a sight after a long, cold dreary Winter..
to spy those first shoots of green..
even tho they they are simple dandelions..?
A scourge to be reckoned with later..
while at the same time ..
bringing beauty to the barren landscape..
the symmetry of the leaves..
the variations of green..
all beautiful in their own right..
as gifts from our Maker when our eyes need color the most!
the weeds will be tackled as I continue to improve/recover..
in the meantime..
I'll sit back  thankfully..
with my cup of inspiration on the patio..
enjoying each and every part of my God given vista..
for another day..
enjoy yours!!
How does your garden grow?


  1. While I don't enjoy most weeds, I do love the ones that used to pop up in my grass with blooms in lovely shades of yellow, purple and blue. I always found it rather sad to mow them down along with those that would have gone on to form those sharp stickers that love to stick in my bare feet.

    I'm sorry to hear Arthur is still rearing his ugly head and causing you such misery. I hope the doc was able to relieve at least some of his antics.

    You know when I came to stay with my daughter, I left all my potted plants with my cousin, including my plumerias. She calls me every week to report on their growth and last Sunday she said the first blooms were starting to appear and that my mandevilla is in full bloom. She is such a dear to watch over them until my return, don't you think?

    I hope the clouds part and the sunshines down on you, all the while bringing you the joy of Spring and the healing powers of the sun.

    Hugs my sweet seasister

  2. My butterfly bush is a-buzz with butterflies, but the wind has been blowing so that I haven't been able a get a decent picture. Also, I had the strangest thing....a purple Pansy (from year before last,I guess, because this past fall I bought yellow) dared to bloom right out on the lawn among the grass. I suppose it came up from a stray seed!

  3. Beautifully said. I am loving all of my Spring blooms. xo

  4. Glad to hear that you have made some sort of peace with the weeds.

    Feel better soon.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams


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