Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wednesday..out and about

The photos below were taken recently at Inlet Beach,Camp Helen State park in Florida by locals who saw the buck struggling in the surf. Deer in that area, which is surrounded by VERY upscale homes, are not wary of people.. thus the seemingly endless posing for the camera..
Although the deer is NOT of the Reindeer Variety, this does bring thoughts of Christmas to our minds..
Just think of the cards these images will grace this season!!

                                                       courtesy Craig Carper
White Wednesday
Watery Wednesday
Outdoors Wednesday
Without Words Wednesday


  1. I think you are mistaken, this looks like Donder or Blitzen, and Santa is looking for him. Ha ha!

  2. What an unusual capture at the beach!! The deer in the first pic almost looks like a sculpture!

  3. Isn't he gorgeous? We have a buck who loves to stand at the end of our driveway, near the grape arbor, and STARE at us as we come down the driveway ... as if to say, "What are YOU doing here?" He strikes such majestic poses that you almost believe that he really does own the property.

    You always make me smile...with posts, and with your lovely and loving comments. I can use those hugs right now - it was a wonderful Thanksgiving, except we missed those not with us, and we also had to deal with the realization that Howard's dad is losing ground to Alzheimer's. So sad; it's like watching my Mom all over again.

    And I can't blog about it! He reads my blog.
    Thank goodness he still can.

    Smiles right back at you, sweetheart -- Cass

  4. Oh my gush this is beautiful! Love it!


  5. Beautiful shots. My WW is up too.

  6. would have LOVED to have been there to shoot that site!!! Us landscape photographers wait long and hard for something like that...Man, oh Man!!!!!


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