Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday thoughts and colors..

Hi..I'm baaack!
did you miss me..even just a little bit?
long story.. 
let me bring you up to date..
have a seat..
but I insist!

care to join me for Coffee? Tea?
want me to pour.. 
or would you like to help yourself?
we've all the sweeteners.. 
and creamers..plain and fancy!
Now..Where do I begin?
let's start with my computer!
It has been the center of my attention span here recently..
we share so much time together, always humming along in perfect harmony until just recently...
I noticed a very strange sluggishness had settled in..
until finally, I could hardly log on without a total shut down..
talk about exasperation!!! and expletives!!! 
yep! I'm guilty of uttering a "few" choice ones!
even the felines declined to be near me or the dratted computer..guess they sensed my hostilities?

I was so afraid the thing would  crash and poof..away would go all my well as important  documents and yes.. my blog!
like an omen..there appeared in an email a message about a new Concierge Tech Service..offered by Dell.
the first month would be FREE..
any make or model of computer would be serviced and brought back to life if at all possible..
thereafter,only $19.00 a month!! sounds pretty reasonable for back-up service, keeping you computer running smoothly and safely!
I did NOT hesitate to click the link!!

For the past week, Dell techs have  de-bugged, reprogrammed, cleaned , de-cluttered, removed junk, transferred all 53,000 photos to my external hard drive, cleared the desktop.. reprogrammed my printer which had lost the ability to scan and fax.. now works beautifully!
My computer, altho purchased in 2005, is running and purring just like the first time  it was turned on!! 
speed is awesome.. 
no problem with navigation, 
and finally NO more lock ups!..
I am just a very happy  computer owner/user!
so.. if you are having problems, or would like a free's your chance!
Due to the aforementioned computer problems.. 

I have been unable to download nor edit  my memory cards full of Braxden's photos!! I will not go into detail..but I am staring at 6 cards all with 8GB of unprocessed photos!!!...
Today, he is 1 month old!! such a cutie!!
has gained weight and length!! 
hopefully  I can get the photos uploaded, edited and shared before his next milestone is reached!

On Monday,I do have Dr. appointments early in the day..

(those annual girly things that MUST be done!).. 
again snow is being forecast  along with continued frigid temps!!
Once back home, before editing can commence, there is MUCH to be done in the house.. 
have started the de-cluttering process already..
but I have another early appointment here at the house  Tuesday..
I will have some long awaited answers.. 
stay tuned for some very exciting news..

til then..
Raven in the wind
please join these hostesses for even more fun!!
Blue Monday
(while at Sally's Be sure to enter her book giveaway!!
sounds like an awesome read!!)
Mellow Yellow Monday


  1. Glad to see you back, and that your computer is just like new!

    Would you believe it's colder in Florida than it is in Denver? It is 25 here now, and will be 22 or less by the time everyone wakes up! BRRRR!

    Can't wait to hear your news, but I do have a guess.

    Excited to see new baby pics too!

    1. D~..
      was 29 when I first turned on the computer..
      now.. several degrees warmer..
      but the sun IS SHINING!
      and that makes it FEEL warmer!!
      at least in my heart!

  2. Can I have a cup of tea please, I need to sit for a while to read all that you have written!

    1. Anni!
      with several varieties from which to choose!!
      lemon also!!

  3. Yes, like computers, we must get ourselves checked out. I'm happy to hear your computer problems are solved, and I hope you hear a good report from your doctors.

    Happy Blue Monday, Loui. Be sure to check out my book giveaway.

    1. Sally..
      I've added a link to connect to your Book Giveaway!
      Yes.. I entered the moment I saw your announcement !

  4. So glad your computer is up and running smoothly again. Can't wait to see pics of the new baby. Take care and stay warm! Hugs, Linda

  5. Pretty blue coffee cups, I'm on my second cup this morning as I blog. Isn't it emotional when our computers are having problems!!!!So glad all your pics are safe.

  6. That sounds like a good service. I may have to check out something like that for my desktop, but it's not a Dell, so I'll have to check around. I'm glad you're back. I'll take hot tea please. Got any chocolate chip cookies to go with it?

  7. Loui, I'm so glad to hear about your computer's makeover. I will definitely keep the link to the Dell tech backup service handy.

    I hope you can share your baby pictures soon. I know Braxden is a little angel.

    Can't wait to hear your "exciting news," too!

  8. I can't imagine the cold and snow! But so glad your computer is back up and running! I probably need to do something with mine....I'm always in fear of losing my pictures! Can't wait to see your baby pics and hear your news! :)

    Have a great Valentine's day!

  9. beautiful blue pictures, thank you for sharing :-) Hope that you had a wonderful day of hearts. Visiting from Blue Monday, hope that you can return the visit too.

  10. Goodness! What a warm and sweet welcome! I am not sure but I don't think I have been here before.
    My computer, like yours, is giving me problems. Not sure I want to spend 1$19 per month but I have a Dell computer and would like it to run am seriously considering it. I have recieved several offers for service like that and signed up for one for just $5.00 per month and all they did was exactly what I could do for myself which is to clean up the hard drive after a day of wandering through blogland and ebay etc.
    Thank you so much for the great lead though and for providing the link.
    It's really that much better??? I mean REALLY? Wow. Like you I have a few of those little 8GB disks sitting here in front of me.
    Thank you so much for the "coffee" with the special creamer in it. :):)


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