Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Last weekend, my daughter Lisa and her daughter Mac,

 along with friends Evelyn and her mom Betsey,

 drove from Nashville Tennessee,down to Auburn University.. 

for the "One last Roll" celebration at Toomer's corners.

The event centers around the cluster of Live Oaks at Toomer's Corner, where Auburnites gather to commemorate life events..wins, losses,graduations, engagements, weddings, farewells..

click the link for the video

The place is considered hallowed sacred ground, a place of honor among those of Auburn. Events are memorialized by tossing rolls of toilet paper into the trees..
Photo: "Our ROOTS run deeper than your Poison!!!!!" WAR DAMN EAGLE!
 Several years back, a disgruntled  fan poisoned the Oaks with a deadly herbicide. Many measures were undertaken to save the demise of the no avail. Today the trees were removed..
The removal Tuesday ended a two plus year attempt by Auburn University to save the trees, which were poisoned in 2010.
Lisa, Mac, Betsey and Evelyn joined thousands of  Auburn fans rolling  the trees for the final time Saturday and Sunday,

who were celebrating the A-Day spring football game and a national championship won by the Auburn Equestrian team.
Upon graduation from High School. Mac plans to attend Auburn..a dream she has nurtured through her entire academic years. Active in her Community, Church, School, and Special Olympics, she is a talented, gifted, well rounded young lady who will do us all proud!
while there,they toured the campus bookstore at Toomer's Drugs, the Jordan-Hare stadium, met with the cheerleaders, several dignitaries..posing for photos along the's a few..
memories in the making...

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  1. What great pictures of your fun time. I'm so sick about those trees. I hope they caught the person who did it.

  2. That image from above, of the two "rolled" trees and all the people, is amazing! The energy in that crowd must have been something else!

    I think it's great your granddaughter is getting to visit her dream college! I pretty much just chose a city off a map and a pamphlet with its Biology programme... :p

    You've been quiet this past month, hope everything's ok?! It's World Oceans Day next weekend! I was wondering if you'd be doing something to celebrate your return to a maritime environment?! Perhaps joining the Oceanic Blog-A-Thon??? ;o)



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