Tuesday, November 2, 2010

We..THE people!

Exercise Your RIGHT to vote!!

We, The People 
(c) 2010, Karla Dorman

Hope and pray that
what you say is
what you mean. 
Tired of promises
that aren't kept;
tired of the lies
and all of those
negative ads!
Remember: we
voted you in.
We, the people
can vote you out.


  1. I did! I did! Best exercise I've done this year, lol.

    I'm back on the Gulf Coast for a while and getting ready to do some serious beaching!


  2. Jeep and I voted and I hope they are counted!
    Got a recorded phone message from the president asking me to vote for his man.

  3. DY and Shelle...
    I voted last week by mail in ballot.
    I've had my fill of negative ads as well as negative Phone calls..
    I just hope and pray our country can come out of this economic mess, the moral mess an get back on track as being the greatest nation, under God, of all. ♥

  4. I did too! Even from overseas I wasn't going to miss out on this extremely important civic duty! I tried to get the word out to through the blog... but might have been too little too late.
    You might be interested in the post my Aunt wrote for me about last Saturday's rally in DC...

    I wish more people were fed up and did something about the media insanity! :s

  5. I voted too. I was happy to see that at least a message was sent to Washington to stop the nonsense and start listening to the people.

  6. Thank God the election is over and things look brighter. Have a great wknd! xx


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