Saturday, February 26, 2011

I've a confession...

Guess um...Guess who?....
Troy Donahue & Sandra Dee - A Summer Place
Got your attention Huh?
that isn't me..
altho it could well have been..
eons ago..
back when I dreamed wild teenage dreams..
of a handsome Troy Donahue..
he was my  dream image for my prince charming..
oh yes..
back in my day,
marriage was the dream destination for girls..
ingrained from birth,
the familiar refrain..
almost a prayer ..
like saying the Rosary..
"when I GROW up and get married.."
and so it went..
I will marry_________,
we will have a beautiful wedding..
my bridesmaids  etc, etc..
we will honeymoon at_____,
and then we will return home..
HE will go to the office to work,
and I will stay home,
in my rose covered cottage,
behind the white picket fence..
and we will have beautiful babies..
and we will live happily ever after..
somewhere along the way..
the fairy tale ends..
reality sets in..
and life happens..
such is the case with me of late..
I am facing demons of my own..
I recently  turned 65..
now have my Medicare card..
and as much as I enjoy going to work..
performing a much loved job..
I remain on the list of UNEMPLOYED...
I have been facing AGE DISCRIMINATION..
no one would have believed eons ago ..
the strides that  would be made in the workplace for women...
*women would become a vital part of the workforce..
*with passage of  the Equal Rights Amendment..
that  equal pay would prevail for both sexes performing the same job..
But now that I have reached the status of "SENIOR"..
my knowledge..
my credibility..
my work ethic..
my dependability..
is tossed aside in favor of 
Try as I may to be positive..
I find myself more and more negative..
and depressed..
and as I was also taught..
If I could not say something positive..
then say nothing at all..
and that is the reason for my silence of late..
am in serious need of rejuvenation..
of my body and soul..
absolutely not!
I love this creation of mine..
but my posts will be as frequent..
or infrequently as my soul dictates..
right this minute..
my poor achy body is battling a nasty sinus infection..
and I'm feeling pretty miserable..
but thanks to each and every one of you followers..
you all make it worthwhile and FUN!!!
** and I did not marry a tall blue eyed blonde..
instead I married a man just like my daddy..
tall, dark and handsome..
but not quite as smart!!
Lucky me!!!
together we created, 
and  had our wonderful son Keith..
who got the best of the both of us!
warmest hugs to  all of you!
laughing smiles too!!


  1. I have a nasty cold too. I hope you feel better soon. Relating to a job, maybe you could start your own business doing something you love?!!

  2. Awwww sweet friend, I can "hear" some sadness in your words. I know when I feel bad physically, it makes it easier to feel bad emotionally too. I hope you feel better real soon.

    Big hugs and much love,

  3. Thanks ladies..
    Momza.. I don't want to start a business in these economic times..believe me, I have given it serious thought! I sincerely enjoy the day to day business of going to work at a paying job..
    Sweet Kat.. thanks for understanding my misery..
    hugs and love to you both!♥

  4. I can relate to trying to get back into the work force. I'm 47 and have a lot of experience and I still get passed by for younger models. Then I started having serious health issues making it so I can sit, stand or walk for anything more than 10 minutes. This just ticked me off! So, I did start my own little business Now, I can't live off the income of this cottage business but, I feel empowered by it. And it is growing and coming along.
    I hope you feel better and enjoy your day!

  5. I love this little creation of yours, as well, though I'm just beginning to delve into these delicious archives.

    And I've been carrying around that little red-white-and-blue card for some time now (and VERY glad to have it, with all the rite-of-passage connotations). I DO hope that the coming sunshine and new growth and promises of Spring will lighten your days and BRIGHT you beyond measure. (Yes, people DO tell me I'm the only person who uses BRIGHT as a verb, but it FITS).

    Missing the sugar-white sand of Pensacola has been a gentle longing in my self for all the time we've been away, and I do LONG to go and hear the surges of the waves and the voices of the gulls in the sky.

    See you again soon!!


  6. New reader and sad to hear you are facing troubles in the workplace. Not fair, and illegal if you can prove they are keeping you out because of age. Keep applying and ask HR why you didn't get the job. Call back when you feel you had a good interview. Companies of any size have to justify not hiring minorities, that includes women! Hope today is a better day and I look forward to reading more of your posts!

  7. Oh my dear, sweet sister of the sea, I had no idea you were going through this. You know I've been lost in paint and shells and just now getting out to catch up with my friends, so I already read the "malaise" post and know you're break dancing on the kitchen floor and planning a trip home for some Florida Sunshine, but I'm still sad that you're facing age discrimination. The keyword in your post is CHEAPER and that's just what it boils down to. They don't want our expertise, they just look at the bottom line. They don't see that big picture that we are good for their business with our knowledge and experience.

    I do know what you mean about starting a business now though, last night a friend from California called to tell me how I could turn my little shell business into something bigger. I told her that at 60 years old, I just want to make a living, not create a big ol' headache.

    My best to you and I'm holding onto this sunshine until you get here for sure! The beach, I know that will make you happy!


  8. Oh, and Troy Donahue? What a hunk he was!


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