Sunday, February 20, 2011


President's Day..
For many , this is just another three-day weekend..
to be spent either shopping at the "sales" designed for this event!
For others,a trip to the mountains for springtime skiing and boarding..
Those closer to a seashore.. a trip to the beach..
To me, patriotism reigns..
I celebrate the memory of two great presidents !
Were it not  for these founding fathers, 
the freedoms we all know today simply would not be..
Take the time to refresh your memory of their great contributions to our country.
Wave your American Flag proudly..
remembering all She represents..
especially as we view events happening  in the middle east..
which are already impacting our daily lives..
may God continue to bless America..
home of the Brave..
land of the Free!!

(images courtesy Google)

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  1. Happy President's Day to you too!

    Happy Blue Monday, Loui.

  2. That second photo of the Blue Angels in front of Mt Rushmore is fabulous. We need to remember what our country used to be.

  3. A nice tribute to the President's day.

  4. Love your post... Someone else did one with a pic of Mt. Rushmore and it brought me back over 30 years ago when i went with my parents!
    Great post!
    Happy Blue!

  5. Yes, I'm proudly waving my flag today.

    Happy President's Day to America!


  6. Amen!

    Beautiful day here. Hope yours was too.


  7. Happy blue monday and happy president's day...
    Your newest follower,

  8. Wonderful photos and a great post! Happy Presidents Day a bit belated -- I'm catching up since I wasn't feeling good yesterday -- sigh.


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