Sunday, June 19, 2011

Denver Botanical Gardens: The Atrium

Denver Botanic Garden entryAs promised, today we continue with our visit to the Denver Botanic gardens..
After a delightful lunch al fresco, we headed to the atrium which housed the Boettcher Memorial Tropical Conservatory..filled with tropical rain-forest varieties.. There we encountered heated humidity due to the required constant misting ..

tropical conservatory

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I so hope you've enjoyed this visit to the  tropical rain forest as much as did  Deb and I!
there simply were too many varieties to name.. 
suffice to say beautiful Orchids, and  Bromeliads  were at every turn.. 
so many familiar (to me)tropical fruiting trees, as well as colorful Gingers covered the forest floor! the only thing I found to be missing were colorful parrots and monkeys swooping and chattering  overhead!
oh YES..NO BUGS! not missed at all!!

Becoming a member now allows me unlimited visits  to the gardens.. either solo or with a guest!
If you should find yourself here in Denver, let me know (via e-mail) and we shall make a fun day of it!

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  1. Wow this place is my kind of place.I would surely do love hanging here just taking a lot of photos. Great shots!Blue dress

  2. "GORGEOUS"! I would LOVE to live in that rainforest...The little froggies were TOO CUTE! Thank you so much for taking us along!
    Have a wonderful week,

  3. Gorgeous photos. I live in the tropics but I'm not so familiar with some of the beautiful flowers you featured.

    My entries:
    Moms...Check Nyo

  4. beautiful photos! thanks for sharing them! my fave are the frogs, they are so cool!

  5. Thanks for the lovely tour of the botanical gardens. The flowers are all lovely. My favorites are the lady slippers and the frogs.

  6. Oh my word! What a gorgeous place!!! If I ever make it to Denver, please take me there.

    Gorgeous photos sweet friend.


  7. It's OLD HOME WEEK today!! I grew up and raised my family in Colorado [just northwest of Denver in fact] before retiring to the Texas, this was a special, very special treat.

    Winston on a blanket of Flowers is my Tuesday Link. Hope to see you visiting today.

  8. Well, I hit the jackpot of beautiful shots when I came to your blog this Tuesday morning...the first day of summer. There is nothing like a visit to botanical gardens and arboretums. They are fabulous places to go with your camera in hand. Everything is luscious and green, and the flowers are gorgeous. What a great post. Genie

  9. I just read your comment so had to write you back. I do NOT wear socks even in the winter...and I go barefoot all the time...even in snow. Yep, I am a Florida girl, born in Coral Gables, grew up in Palm Beach, and then married and moved to the mountains of VA where it is COLD in the winter. Nothing like Denver, but darn cold enough. I do not know what socks are and I despise shoes!!! People here think I have lost my mind, Just thought I would share those tidbits with you as there is always contort and friendship in numbers. Genie

  10. Wow!! What an amazing place! Gorgeous pictures!

  11. What a wonderful place! As you know, we have a number of those that grow right here in Florida, but you showed me wonders of nature I've never seen before! Tropicals are my favorite and I get excited every time one of my bromeliads blooms. I am definitely going to be there one day and we are definitely going to visit this place together with cameras in hand!

    Love this post and love you! Hugs sweet friend.


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