Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wednesday Wonders..

As promised..
will try to catch you up on all that has been happening around here..
HERE meaning with me and mine..
not necessarily the fact that my HOME team

lost in the NBA Finals..
nor the fact the Dallas Mavericks played harder..
and were more deserving of the championship trophy and title!

Remember my friend Margo?
Being the wonderful friend she is,an e-mail was received telling me a friend of hers,
(unknown to me) was here in Denver on vacation..
however, the friend she'd come to see had to leave unexpectedly..
an emergency back east with family..
said I..
say no more..
give me a phone # and an email..
I'll do my best to make sure her time here in Denver is fun..
hopefully memorable!
and so I met Deb..
she had a heads up on me because Margo had spoken often of our exploits..
Deb  was such a pleasant soul..
we hit it off immediately..
said it had been 30 years since living in Denver..
and she produced a "Bucket List" of things she'd like to see and do while here..
First..we visited her old home..
(not shown due to current owner's privacy being respected)
instead one of the numerous statues throughout he gardens..
and I insisted on taking a photo of her in front of the house..
next we went around to the alley so I could peek  through the privacy fence..
she , being TALL, just peered over..
 Deb asked if I'd ever been to Denver Botanical Gardens..
I said Nope..let's go..!!
we did! and had the very best of times!!
Temperature was perfect.. 
Lighting was just right for photos..
Photographers of all ages were out in full force..
Others were sitting in shaded areas with paints and sketchbooks..

plugged into earphones..

beautifully capturing the colorful subjects with paints..
totally immersed into their world of music and paint..

Both the Irises and Peonies were at peak blooming perfection..

Contest picture by lisabees

David Austin’s English Roses Rosa hybrids

One thing I must say..
Whomever decided the layout for the plantings, was a Master Artist!
no matter what one photographed,the colors around your subject` always formed a complementary backdrop..
we spent a total of five hours there..
still could've lingered longer..
and still did not see everything..
but.... the tropical rain-forest in the atrium is amazing!!!
tomorrow we'll visit there..
to be continued.....
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  1. What a wonderful botanical garden... I am sure you will visit many more times. Your photos are amazing...

  2. Wonderful post! Love the pictures of flowers! Bless you for entertaining Margo's friend! If I end up in Denver can I expect the same treatment:)?
    ♥ ♥ ♥

  3. Just gorgeous Lou!! Thank you for this gorgeous images. I was only in Denver once, a little over 40 years ago. Didn't get to see much, as we were there for one evening for dinner with my cousin.

  4. Answers:
    Because i was so impressed with all the Gardens have to offer,I have joined as a member! The membership includes unlimited visits for me, with free guest pass for a certain number of visits! Also in the membership are special "member only' events..
    @Dy..YES!! you also will be treated royally and entertained with genuine "Southern Hospitality!"
    @Pat..I hope you will return..I fell in love with Denver!
    PS..I extended the invitation should Deb return,hopefully bringing Margo, they would be staying with me..not in a motel!! and the same goes for any of my friends...the only requirement YOU MUST enjoy cats..we have 3..
    If you are passing through, give me notice and we'll get together!!
    warmest sandy hugs!
    that day yielded 780 choosing a select few was quite difficult!!
    tomorrow the atrium and tropical rain Forest!

  5. Wow! What a beautiful place:)
    And 780 photos! That's amazing:):)

  6. Gosh, your photos are amazing! Love love love the statue!

    Deb could not have been in better hands. Lucky girl! Wish I had been there to join in the fun.


  7. Wow those photos are amazing! I haven't even been to the Denver Botanical garden before and I live in Colorado...weird how that happens :) I will have to look into that!

  8. Hi Loui,
    Oh lucky you, those gardens are fantastic!! I could spend days there:-))

  9. You are such a dear, sweet soul — both on land and sea! How kind of you to step up and offer to entertain Deb; it looks as though you both benefitted from this "Random Act of Kindness." Deb had someone to hang out with and you met a new friend AND went to the botanical gardens for the first time! Isn't it funny how we often overlook that which is right around us?

    The gardens are absolutely delicious! Knowing how much you adore flowers and photographing them, this is a perfect place for you. I love visiting gardens wherever I go, the flowers are so different in each location. We have only a few of those you've shown, most of ours are tropicals, of course.

    I can't wait to see the atrium and the rainforest! I'll be back this afternoon for more.

    Hugs my sister of the sea.

  10. Loui...such gorgeous photos, you are having a ball in Denver.
    Glad you became a member...the gift that just keeps on giving.
    What a fun experience.
    Thanks for you sweet words left me with a smile.
    xoxo~Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  11. Lou, that is probably one of the BEST pictures of Deb that has ever been made! You're so good!

  12. Your photos are breathtaking.
    Smiles, Dottie

  13. You really do look beautiful...and the flowers are spectacular! What a wonderful place to spend the day! ♥


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