Monday, August 15, 2011

Hi...guess what?

after a perfectly rotten week..
Tuesday Dr. appt..Thyroid all outta whack..
no wonder I'm falling asleep every time I sit still..
changed meds.. with follow up blood work in 4 weeks..
Wednesday Dr appt with Rheumatologist..
( I have both Rheumatoid and Osteo )
we discussed the possibility of new medications..
decided the side effects far outweigh the benefits at this time..
I was given an Intermediate pain medication..
to be taken  for the times when Aleve does not do the trick..
(have had several events arise to where I had pain and difficulty in walking..
in addition to the constant pain in the upper joint of my thumbs..)
took one pill as directed on Thursday morning while the plumber was here repairing both toilets..
sat at my computer trying to play Bejeweled..
could NOT focus..
hand eye coordination was non existent..
how I managed to write a $560.00 check still amazes me..
as soon as he departed..the furbabies and I totally crashed..
I could not speak coherently when Hubs called..
(thank God he is a physician and understood my garbled speech!!)
was still asleep when he came in from work..
he made himself dinner..
(I was still asleep)
woke the next morning, got him off to work..
still could not talk coherently!
and still was not fully alert  when Hubs returned home from work Friday evening!!!
I will not EVER take that medication again!
(am calling the Dr in the morning to tell her what happened!)
My weekend has been pretty well except for problems  our kids had..
but The Bank of Dad helped somewhat..
enough of that..
now my GOOD news....
I am the lucky winner....YAY

from Beachcomber..
Cheryl has the neatest beachy blog..
you really MUST go check it out..
she has framed some of the most unique images of sea creatures..
(if she were ever to offer them for sale....
or as a give away.. I WOULD love to have them..hint hint!!)
thanks so much Cheryl for the book..
can't wait to see it and start sharing pics!!
Just thinking about Beachcombing..
puts me in a beachy mood...
Not much longer before school starts..
and summer will be gone,,,
enjoy while you can...
I know I will!!!
Please join these Monday parties for more fun!!


  1. Wow, Lou! What an experience!

    On a lighter note...Beach House Style looks like a book I would enjoy.

  2. Hi Hon!
    I did just link to Mellow Yellow Monday -- Thanks for the heads-up.
    Wow -- that was some med you took. I had a similar experience with a medication about 15 years ago -- it's awful.

    I hope your docs find the right mix of meds to give you relief from the arthritis, and also find the right thyroid med mix -- that can be tricky.

    Take care, my dear -- Cass

  3. Did you know garbled speech is a sign of a stroke? Make sure your dr. knows what happened. If it ever happens again have someone take you to the hospital. If you are alone and can dial call someone.. they should be able to figure out something is wrong.

  4. Z..
    good point. My hubs is a physician, he knew I took the meds, and the side effects. He has patients on the same med experiencing the same reaction.
    he called me periodically to check on me..daughter came by twice also.. both my Drs. are aware of the reaction..they share notes and results about my care. I am very fortunate in that respect.
    Had hubs thought necessary , he would have dispatched an ambulance immediately..and the fire dept/rescue team is only 3 blocks away!
    thanks again for you loe and concern!
    hugs.. Loui♥

  5. What med did they give u? I have PA and OA and have tried many. Right now on Arava and methotrexate. Love your mosaic! Hope you feel better..

  6. Wow! Some medicine! I can take almost no pain medication because it hurts my stomach. Sorry for your arthritis troubles and I just started with the thyroid stuff too.

    I had to laugh at the bank of dad....children!

  7. Thanks for stopping by. Your comment about my Italian Market painting made me smile!

    I've had arthritis since my 40's (now 65), so I know how debilitating it can be. I've tried all sorts of meds that did nothing to help. Now I'm on Voltaren (I take Aciphex before breakfast to protect my stomach from it) and it's like I'm a new person. It's not for everyone, but thank goodness, it helps me.

    I hope that you get some relief soon!

  8. Hi Loui - Sorry to hear about your thyroid, but so glad you won that super book! God was giving you encouragement!

    Best Wishes for a full recovery ----

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