Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday..this and that ..

Playing Catch up..

Yes...It has been awhile since my last post..
NO..not yet in Florida..
I've been very busy swimming against the current so to speak..
hopefully will begin making significant headway soon..
For starters..

Details of pending move to Florida:

*Packing..progressing at a fair speed..
 the de-crapifying is what has slowed me down!..*Painting.. still on hold..
 Till the packing is finished.
 And boxes moved to Garage.

*No new address yet for delivery of possessions.. (catch 22 situation looms....

Being hindered by feline furbabies..
landlords want MEGA BUCK$ ..
in non-refundable pet fee$)

Can't  purchase a new home..until this one is sold = RENT!

*House not on market yet..
too much packing  clutter still !

Health related matters:

*Follow up with Retina Specialist.. diagnosis: unchanged.
keep a close watch,any changes, call emergency ASAP!
* Annual check  with primary doctor. ALL GOOD!
I'm in good shape with BP and Thyroid level back to normal..
(Dr's wife recently had same experience with her eye..
she used the same retina Dr!
She had laser repair Surgery!
NO problems with vision, in fact ,better than before!
My Dr says the Retina Dr is the best in her field here!!
and she referred me to a classmate of hers..
practicing in  my home town in Florida!)

Dermatologist report..
* healed very nicely.. scar not noticeable at all..
*Hairline covers it perfectly!
*How sad our Youthful ignorance catches up with us..
when we are most vulnerable..
*am much more cautious now by using Sunscreen ALWAYS..
and limiting my time outdoors to early morning..late afternoon..
*New appointment with Podiatrist/surgeon
*Have had recurring pain in the same foot which  had the Neuroma..
That surgery was a SUCCESS! However,current prognosis not so good!
*Another Neuroma  between the NEXT two toes.. caught early!
treated with injection of antibiotic and numbing agents..sweet relief!
some people are just more prone to this condition than others..
I possess most of the causes: very high arch, and instep,
am well over 50 years old/young!
Too many years working in high heeled, pointy toed shoes on hard floors..
Now, I'm paying dearly for the then unknown damage I was doing to my feet!
all in the name of FASHION! 
(My job REQUIRED my attire to be like  this!)
So with health issues weighing me down,
I've simply Not been in the mood to talk / share just yet.

Now this subject, I can talk all day long and never tire..
Our sweet fella  will be 4 months old on Mother's day!
Here's the latest  of my personal photos made last week:

how awesome!! He is getting so BIG now.. will get exact details next week..
finally have made some ME time..out with  the Nikon.. Spring is so gorgeous here..
will post a few now.. then do a spectacular Spread for Pink Saturday..

So with these beauties fresh on your plate..
I'm heading out to lunch with my neighbor!
have an awesome weekend!
linking to these wonderful parties..
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  1. You are so busy - how do you find any spare time lately? Is there a date you HAVE to be moved by, or is it flexible? Brax is adorable!!!

    1. Kim..
      the key is I MAKE time for me..
      or else i would be totally BATTY..
      at least a couple of hours here and there.
      after Dr appts, errands,,..
      I have certain favorite places ,,
      where i love to photograph..
      i try to make the rounds!
      no specific date to be out..
      Hubby says last week!
      he misses us.. me and the felines..
      (really he has to rely on himself to do things,,)
      he misses the spoiling I am so guilty of doing!!
      hopefully by Mid June we will be back together!
      gonna be missing Brax Big time!!

  2. I'm so far behind in reading! I'm playing catch up too....even though even now I should be doing other things! So sorry about your health problems! The eyes can be a scary thing! And I have high arches and instep...I have lots of problems with my feet but now that yet. I know you'll be so glad to finally get settled in Florida. It's so hard packing and moving and throw in the difficulty with selling one house and buying another and yikes! Hope that all gets sorted out soon and look forward to maybe getting together after you're all settled here! I know it will be hard to leave that precious little grandson!

    1. Nncy G~
      once settled into my /our new place in Florida..
      I plan to be in Panama City very frequently..
      I've been away from my sis for way to long..
      hubby is very understanding in that respect..
      to answer your question..
      YES, you and I will see reach other frequently!
      gotta get busy!

  3. Wow...this post felt like a good visit with you, Loui!
    You are so very busy. I'm glad to hear your health is on the mend and you're in good hands.
    And oh my goodness, isn't your sweet little fella everything that is right in the world?! He is just perfect!
    Have a great weekend!

  4. Hi Lou, Good luck on working toward your move. Moving is so much work! Your grandson is adorable. Happy Pink Saturday. ~Marti

  5. Oh darlin', it looks like your makin' some real headway on the packin'. So sorry 'bout all the heath issues...Mama said agin' is NOT for the faint of heart! Heeehehehe, I'll be 60 in September.

    That little Brax is just a precious little bundle of love. What a cutie!!!

    God bless ya sweetie and have a fantastic weekend!!! :o)

  6. Hi Loui! Nice to find another FL girl.
    Hope you'll visit me too.

  7. So adorable!

    My Pink, have a great weekend!

  8. I love all the touches of pink!

    Happy pink Saturday, Happy Derby Day and ¡Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

    Please stop by and enter my celebrate spring/moms giveaway.

  9. Quite the move. I have a $100.00 HomeGoods/TJMaxx gift certificate going on that you might want to participate in.

    - The Tablescaper


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