Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wednesday wonders and words..

the wonderful middle of the week day..
forecasters say weather should be just delightful!
a dramatic change from yesterday..

which was cold, gray, damp, rainy..
I decided to take my Lemons..

and turn them into Lemonade..
Similar  to taking Limes..
and making Margaritas..
had gone to Arthritis doctor for  check up..
she called in a prescription for me..
drug store did not have it ready..

decided to visit City Floral while waiting....

my oasis..
the place I go in the dead of winter..
when the cold and grayness tries to kidnap me..
I walk in, smell the fragrance of tropical flowers..
wafting on the heavy humidity laden air..
medicine for my soul.
and my body is instantly rejuvenated!
so was the case yesterday..
once the medicine had been picked up..
Seeing so many irises, and roses,
every color and hue..
my camera clicking finger was itching to click..
heading home in the rain,
self told me to stop the car..
don't worry about the wettness..

get out and smell those dripping wet Irises....
Yes.. the fragrance is still heavy and potent!
and wet flowers make for excellent subjects..
would you believe I wandered about in the cold..
38 degrees cold, drizzly rain..
here, there, everywhere..
nowhere in particular..

snapping photos of flowers..
once took forever to thaw my hands!
miracles do happen..
I did not catch a cold!!!
chilled a bit..
but no cold!! 
I did catch a healthy dose of cheerfulness..
still smiling as I enjoy the flowers again.
without the cold and rain..

just all warm and fuzzy feeling!

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  1. Your flower pictures today are GORGEOUS!

  2. Flowers feed the soul, and you were hungry. What a gorgeous place to visit, if I lived near there, I would be broke.

    Love the Delphinium shot, they are all beautiful, but I do love blue the best.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  3. Beautiful thoughts and pictures, Loui! Nature cures what nothing else can. Love it!!!

  4. How wonderful; I agree this would make any day better! The flowers are gorgeous. It is beautiful here today; however that changes moment to moment!!

    I have a feature Interview on my site with Tina from The Enchanted Home...I hope you will visit


    Art by Karena

  5. How nice that you have a place like City Floral to go!!! Gorgeous flowers!

  6. Love the edit you applied to your pics! (Picasa?) I'm spell bound by the flue flowers with the waterdrops!


welcome to my world of salty sunkissed breezes..
where time is not measured..
linger leisurely..
sift sugary white sand between your toes..
Make and take those wonderful memories..
leaving behind..only your footprints...