Sunday, August 26, 2012

Just another typical August Sunday afternoon

dinner in the crockpot..
beautiful sunshiny day outdoors..
hubby planted in front of something sportsy on the TV..
cats napping after frisky frolics earlier..
catching up with everyone..
hither, thither and yon..
been answering texts, calls..doorbell..
thinking about a nap myself..
but wait..
just in..
the latest projection..
of landfall..
for that most unwelcome guest!..
none other than T.S.Isaac..
and there you have it..
you know as much as I do..
enjoy the afternoon....
while you can....
linking to Elaine's Sunny Simple Sundays


  1. Hi!
    As soon as I saw the picture you have on your page...I knew you were a Florida girl.
    I am a Florida native.I grew up in Miami.
    I am keeping a watchful eye on Issac also.
    Good luck and be safe!

  2. Be safe Lou! It may be headed our way, too, but should be toned down a bit by then.

  3. Oh my! Hope all is well for you this week!

  4. I sure hope it stays away from you, Loui, and I pray everyone in its path stays safe.

    So sorry I missed your message to me. I am still computerless, and I am just now getting online. I was sick as a dog for two months with a respiratory infection, and just barely got up to make it to a birthday some friends gave me. I am sorry I missed Rhonda's in the interim. As it was, mine was over a week late! lol

    I had to shut down my email box. Someone tried to hack my blog through it. So I just shut the thing down. And I read 30 books over the two months I was sans computer. It's been an interesting summer. Hopefully, I will be back to blogging in the not too distant future.

    Stay safe...


  5. Immediately thought about you when I saw the projections this afternoon. what a Welcome to Florida gift, eh? Hunker down, girlfriend...that's what us southerners do in the late summer months of hurricane season. Will cross fingers for cross fingers for New Orleans...sometimes, mother nature sucks!

  6. Loved that hurricane map!! Good one. Am listening to WWL radio 870 AM for all day weather talk. Hate to see them get hit but glad we're not in the center. Right side is bad enough. Loved the photos.

  7. Looks like we're gonna skate by on this one, doesn't it? Shhhhhhhh....let's not say that too loud, though. Glad you're here.


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where time is not measured..
linger leisurely..
sift sugary white sand between your toes..
Make and take those wonderful memories..
leaving behind..only your footprints...