Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday A to Z Backwards..K

K.. is for
Kitchen..which means cooking..
..which truly is one of my least favorite things to do..
K.. is for kettle..which can either be for tea or a huge cooking vessel.. 
K is also for..Ketchup...a wonderful something to dip,pour and squirt on things from that kitchen where dreaded cooking takes place.. also for Kinfolks..who love to gather in the kitchen area to add their bits of spice to the simmering mixture in the kettle while chattering about Keepsakes.. and Knapsacks.. and lost Keys..and trips to the Florida Keys..and Kayaking..
But the most favorite cook in the kitchen full of kinfolks using ketchup is none other than my wonderfully talented son Keith!
..all of this  creates the most wonderful of KODAK moments..
..remember..for the times of your life!

To pride and and hugs!♥
kick on over to Jen's Unglazed for more fun with the letter K..........'k?


  1. What a great post. And it looks like he's a good surfer, too! You and I had the same idea today for K.

  2. This is just perfect!!!! Love the pictures...I am sure he is very special!

  3. Being my one and only..
    he is indeed very precious!
    outstanding surfer and cook...
    and a genuinely real person..

  4. Happy Monday Loui.
    Great K words! Doesn't everything always lead us to something about our Kids. :D

  5. Oh a plethora of K words! I guess I'm getting lazy with my a to Z, but you've inspired me, so I'll try to be more creative next time....maybe. Happy Monday! x-c

  6. Wow - kovered a lot of ground there with the letter K! Sounds like a wonderful Kid!

  7. Cute post with the "K" theme! Hope you are staying nice and warm with this weather we're having! :)

  8. What a neat "K" word post, Lou. Keith obviously is very important to you...

    Are you getting any of that big snow where you are???? I heard it was somewhere in Colorado--but may be up in the mountains.


  9. Carrie and Betsey..
    yes..and YES..a lot of snow!!
    seems like the entire state is covered by this storm..
    am staying toasty,and busy..looking out the windows with the felines and watching snowflakes fall..would be a perfect mood for wrapping Christmas shopping done..yet!
    warm hugs and smiles..♥

  10. I was watching the surfers the other day at Manhattan Beach. where does your little darling go to catch the waves?

  11. BJ..
    My little darlin' surfs Cocoa Beach, FL areas..
    has been known to go to Costa Rica a time or two..he makes custom made surfboards so can be found almost anywhere there's decent waves..


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