Sunday, October 4, 2009

Z to A Monday.. N for Nostalgia..

Nostalgia..reigns supreme with me.
I seem to be the one in the family..the keeper of stories.
the geneologist;the one who inherited all the family photos from generations past.. tin types, photoboards
postcards,letters..cherished for generations...
each with a story..
And it is now my turn to tell their stories..
through research of government Census records at county courthouses..marriage, birth and death records at vital statistics departments...
Fortunately on my fathers side, I have the family bible records which documents Six generations..
For my mom's side..just stories handed down through the years..faded photographs which were cherished..and so priceless.

The elegant great,great,great,great
paternal grandmother.
The buggy girls..where were they Church for Easter service? The trees were leafed and they were dressed in lightweight clothing..
And who are these adorable cotton tops?
I know each of my siblings and I were blonde in the early years..and all except me had Daddy's exceptionally dark hair and coal black eyes. From where did my green eyes originate.?Both families can trace Dutch,Irish,and  Cherokee Indian lineage..                        

And here we are in 1951 playing in a washtubs of sunwarmed water..note the wringer washer on the back porch..
and note my resembles the children' of another generation!
As I pour through the photos, searching for clues, I am presented with the life of a simpler time...where family worked together,played together, prayed together.. and stayed together life and in death..
Now with the advent of digital photography and archiving,geneology  has taken on a whole new role for preserving our past and present well into the future!
Please..document your collections with names, dates and the next "keeper of the stories" will not have such a difficult time of passing them on.. 

                     *My family through the years and years.*

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  1. What a nice collection of photos. Like you, I have many photos where I can only guess who the loved ones are. I especially love the vintage clothing in your photos. Your washtub photos remind me of days playing at Grandma's. Hope you have a nice Monday.

  2. I have found so many pictures like this at my parent's house. You are so right. I wish that I could go back in time and tell these people to WRITE THE NAMES ON THE BACK! So much gets lost when the generations after them are gone. Cherish what you know and have. They are great pictures.

  3. Good Morning, Lou! I posted about Nostalgia, too, but you did a much better job with it than I did!! Great photos from the 'olden days'!! I can identify with the kids in the wash tubs! Hope you have a great week!

  4. Thanks ladies..I think the saddest part of being the"keeper" is knowing that only a few relatives are remaining who COULD help with the identification process, but due to some selfish reason, choose not to do so..they will take the info to the grave as have many others BEFORE them..usually over a feud which left them all unspeaking..treasure what you have..and join a geneology could have the missing link to someone else's tree!
    My maternal grandmother was just that..and that little clue opened up a whole 'nother world of cousins for me!♥

  5. Happy Monday Loui.
    Great N word. Your photos of times gone by are a treasure!
    It's funny how when I look at old pictures I find it hard to see any color back then; I alway think they were all in drab black and gray clothes and the flowers were dull.

  6. I can identify! My wife is the nostalgist and curator of this museum we call our house!

  7. Wow. These are some fantastic photos that you have. I agree with you on the names/dates on photos. I try to do this now, as I am going through my Grandmas old family photos and NOT knowing who is who.
    Great N word!!!

  8. To all..
    if you do have relatives who are WILLING to help identify folks in those photos,do it ASAP!..
    tomorrow may just be a day away..but who knows if Auntie or Uncle will still be cognizant?
    I've run into that problem, as well as cousins who refuse to speak to me because they fear "unlocking skeletons in the closets"..I've already uncovered many of the "secrets" anyway!
    have a beautiful day wherever you may be!

  9. Those pictures are absolutely amazing and lovely. They are certainly treasures. Your family is so lucky to have you to maintain and keep the records. Thanks for visiting my blog.... hope to see you again soon! :O)

  10. Loui, How much fun is it going back to those old photos?! I was sifting through a bunch of mine just the other night...don't have an idea who some of the really old timers are. Sad. Nostalgia---wishing I'd asked Mommy who those people were before she lost her sight.

    Blessings for the week, Cassie

  11. I always am nagging people to label their photos before it is too late. People tend not to keep photos of others that they don't recognize. Sad but true.

  12. what a wonderful collection of photos! I don't have anything like that...and I don't think anyone in the family does either! I wish we did!

  13. Tootsie..that is just a few..i have many tin types as well as those on a board backing..
    an entire box full that I am slowly getting on the computer..scanning them in..
    ♥ hugs!

  14. You have a wonderful collect of family photos. I enjoyed this post a lot.

  15. That's a really lovely post.
    The photo of the buggy is simliar to a photo I have in a book about American quilting.

  16. Great job old Ferry Pass Eagle...


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