Sunday, November 29, 2009

Monday A to Z Backwards..F

Frantic fraulien finds frisky felines fleeing frozen fields..
found flying friendly skies..
Feasible though..
Furbabies mine!.
..From the first fluffy furball which I conveniently "found"  at a tender age and enticed to follow me home, cats have always held a deep fascination for me..
Perhaps it is their independent nature.. their unconditional love once you've been chosen as their designated human.
Each with it's distinct personality has brought so much joy and delight..and sometimes my life..
I can't stay angry for long though..each plays me to his own tune..

Cat Ballou..
.. came to me as a mass of horribly matted gray fur, huge green eyes..the most antisocial with generous doses of love,plus a trip to the kitty parlor and a good trim..he's come into his own! He is generous with love and kitty kisses..always within sight of nite, he has his place next to me.

..tiny longhaired Calico too was a rescue. Her previous owner dubbed her the cat from Hades,called me one morning and said I was told you might take this cat, otherwise, she goes to the pound! Of course, I accepted her sight unseen! I gave her a new name, a new collar, loads of love..discovered she has only one front fang..and  dubbed her BeBe. She readily accepted me and has been MINE from day one. 
She is the most independent, but the most obedient and loving of the three.
 Again, she is always right next to me, wherever that happens to be. I've had her for 2 of her 3 years.
Bubba G..

..I have no idea how he came to be on my front porch a year ago on a frigid December day! opening the door to check the mailbox, a cardboard "banana box" was next to the door. When shoved aside as I opened the door, a  faint meeoow was heard..I thought..oh no..not another cat!?
Brought the box into the laundry room..out jumped a full grown ORANGE male cat.! He hissed, bared his teeth, and growled! Quickly he disappeared behind the washer..Food and water as well as the litter box was there for him as I closed the door, leaving just a crack. The others were so curious..peeping in only to be met by angry hisses..after 24 hours, I said enough of this! I sat in the floor with a bag of catnip, sprinkled some on me and waited! Out came Bubba,rolled all over me and the catnip, purring and loving me..he has been tame ever since! He too has his antics, and sleeps on my other side..
He has never been accepting of a collar nor a harness. I think he probably was abused at sometime in his life, but whomever left him included a bag of food, two bowls and a toy in the box! 
BeBe taught me early to put the leash and harness on her for outside forays in the grass! Ballou wants no part of being outside the safe confines of home..
All three are indoor cats who will sit for hours watching the squirrels..
All three have been neutered!
Please be kind to your pets..practice Spaying and Neutering!
Feline furbabies forever in my residing in Kitty Heaven

♥Goldie Girl ..June15,1992.............................................April 4, 2007♥

♥Peachy..April 29, .....................................................1993-April 5,2003♥
♥(no photos available at this time)♥

♥Bruiser Baby..May 5, 1996..........................................February 10,2008 ♥
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  1. You have and have had some beautiful cats. I've always had a soft spot for kitties too. They sure bring a lot of joy to our days, don't they? Wishing you a week filled with joy.

  2. Very sweet Loui. I have 3 rescue cats too..I wish they were a bit sweeter, but we put up with them. Or perhaps, they put up with us?
    BeBe is perhaps the most beautiful cat I have ever seen!!
    Spaying and neutering is the best choice for our pets...I wish more people were responsible as well!

  3. Awwww....your photos brought back memories of our last cat who died a few years ago. What a sweetie pie!

    You're coming my way? If so, e-mail me if you think you'll have time to meet.


  4. Happy Monday Loui!
    Cats often get a bad rap, But I think it's all in the person. Obviously you are one of the special people that knows their joy.
    Your pictures are precious.

  5. How Sweet! I miss my cats a lot. Since we have all these allergies in the family, I just have to enjoy them from a distance.
    These past family members of yours will always be in your heart. It is very kind of you to take in strays. and good advice for people to remember to take care of their pets and get them spayed and neutered.

  6. To the next three Posters..
    am showing 3 more ..
    I have your comments but cannot open them..
    help please!
    or repost?
    thanks.. Loui♥

  7. Loui, I love your furballs! Now I have to get my f word up...even if the day's half over. Early morning appointments seem to ruin the whole day!

  8. That was such a sweet tribute to your Furbabies. Sounds like you have a verryyyy big heart. The 2nd Chance animal shelter here always has a TON of kittens...they spay and neuter them, so you're welcome to come and pick up a dozen or so!!hehe. Happy Monday!

  9. Wow, you can certainly tell your felines apart! Each has unique Features!

  10. What Fabulous Felines!
    Good post- I am allergic to cats, but love them none the less. I grew up with cats in the house before I became allergic.

  11. Like some of your other readers, I'm allergic to cats, but yours are very cute indeed. Thanks so much for the nice comment you left on my blog today! Happy Holidays!

  12. Loui, thank you for taking the time to leave such a sweet comment on my Southern Lagniappe blog. I'm so glad it led me to yours. It is truly delightful!

    Each and every one of your furbabies is truly beautiful, and lucky to have made their way to you.

    I look forward to getting to know you better through your lovely blog.



  13. Hi Loui,
    I have missed seeing your blog everyday.
    It's always entertaining. :0)
    I hope you and your wonderful family are
    enjoying all the things this joyous season have to offer!
    Love and Hugs,


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