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A-Z backwards Monday "J"/ Blue Monday

"J" for Jeans....
or commonly called BLUE Jeans  due to the more popular color of their denim material.
To me, and countless others, the introduction of jeans into our wardrobes was one of the greatest moments of fashion history. 
Made of sturdy Denim, which incidently was NOT invented in the United States but just made COOL here, jeans were first worn by the Italian Navy of Genoa in the 16th century.
Genoavese  blue denim became the basis for "blue jeans." 
Born in de Nines, France and raised in America, denim has hugged the frames of icons for years. It has not always been so, in fact at one time denim was simply a fashion faux pas ..rather uncool!
Riveted jeans were first produced in San Francisco by Levi Strauss, a German Immigrant who had moved to San Francisco to open  another dry goods store.American weavers were producing hard wearing, canvas duck to satisfy the home market.
Gold rush miners needed sturdy work clothing to tolerate the harsh conditions and rigors of  gold mining. A tailor from Nevada teamed up with his fabric supplier Strauss to  produce riveted trousers for the miners. In 1870, Strauss introduced the waist high overalls with riveted seam stress points, labeling them with the Levi 501 name.The patent for these sturdy work pants of the miners was issued  May 20,1873. From that day onward, Levi's has been associated as sturdiest of work clothing for the most rigorous of occupations.

 Due to the durable nature of the fabric, denim didn't really become popular until the 1930's. 

As souveniers , Americans who visited "dude ranches"  out West brought home these waist high overalls. The more washed, the softer and more comfortable wearing denim became.
Then came the 1950's...and teenage rebellion..and James Dean..Denim was the icon of revolt..and many schools banned the wearing of them. History was definitely made in the 1950's when movie goers faithfully adapted trends seen on the silver screen..
Just think..James Dean..and Monroe..and Brando

The late '60s and '70s saw the hippie movement with jeans a staple of attire. Many were embellished with embroidered designs featuring flowers , M J weed, or peace signs. Being constantly worn, they became faded and frayed, which made this look even more popular.

Or another favorite jeans wearing  Television icon.....The Fonz of Happy days..the sitcom based loosely on the 1950's age of innocence in small town  America..

The popularity of denim jeans grew in the next several decades, finally becoming high fashion in the '80's. Every designer put his brand name on the butt  of his particular item..
How cold we not  forget  or remember this controversial ad for Calvin Klein Jeans? Teenage Brooke Shields uttered the  lines "NOTHING comes between me and my Calvins!"

The economic recession of the early 90's slowed down sales, but it struck back with a vengence.  The new millennium finds denim in just about every home worldwide. 
 Once worn only for dirty work, we now see denim paired with everything from sexy stilettos and lace, to sneakers and T-shirts. Accompanying you on your daily activities , jeans have come a long way since their grubby beginnings!

Jeans know  NO boundaries..Forever in blue jeans..

A fit for every one of all ages..

Jeans..a way of life ...for Everyone!
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  1. Wow! There's a lot of info in your Jeans post!!! Good looking cowboys in those jeans! Hey, I'm not too old to 'look'! Good job with this fun post, Lou!

  2. Dy..I LOVE my jeans!never really wore them until the 70' I basically LIVE in them!
    glad you enjoyed their history..

  3. Loui, that was very interesting. I don't think I knew that about the Italian navy wearing them first as a uniform. That's fascinating, and I enjoyed the other info as well.

    Happy Blue Monday...


    Sheia :-)

  4. Love all the Blue Jeans pictures and story!
    Great post for Blue Monday!
    Happy Blue Monday...


  5. Very informative!

    Check out my daughter's Swing adventure.

  6. What a wonderful informative post! Thank you and Happy Blue Monday.

  7. That was a lot of info about my favorite item of clothing! What would we do without our jeans?

  8. Great post, Loui! I love my blue jeans, truly a great invention....Christine

  9. Wow, nice collection of jeans from different era..

    Check out the Senior and Junior in our clan..

  10. Happy Monday Loui
    Great J post!! A staple in everyones wardrobe!
    I love my Lees. :)

  11. Wow! Who knew? Thanks for the great information you shared with us today. I love the "jeans" collection. I hope you are having a wonderful Blue Monday.

  12. I love my jeans! But actually didn't know much about the history, so thanks for that!! Very interesting. And I actually did embellished mine with embroidered designs when I was in college.

  13. Never knew that Italy is where they first were worn! Very interesting. I'm sitting here reading your blog in a pair of jeans. Couldn't live without them!
    Happy Monday!

  14. To all..I too love and live in my jeans!
    was curious as to WHY they were called jeans when i knew they were ..
    doing research always turns up some interesting facts..
    started to post just pics of myself through the years in jeans..but decided this would be more interesting /appealing!
    hugs to all!

  15. Oh Loui did you ever hit a nostalgic note with me! Used to be a time when you couldn't get me out of my, not so much.
    Loved the history you gave us. Never knew that about the Italian Navy. Cool.

    PS- My father would NEVER wear a pair of jeans.

  16.'ve done your homework! Good job! A-Plus!

  17. Hello Loui, this is the first time I have visited your blog. I came over from Barbara's post. I do love your blue jeans post. A really great bit of info about wonderful jeans.
    Good job and who doesn't love jeans? Big smile.

    I noticed you commented to Barbara about your special day Nov.4th. That is our son's birthday and I thought it may be yours. A very special day in our life. If it is, happy birthday.

    Hugs, Jeanne

  18. James Dean and Fonzie did it for me, they really make jeans talk.

  19. Loui, I had a hard time finding your new blog. Great post on blue jeans.


  20. This is such a creative post! I love jeans, and love your collection of photos esp, the James Dean. Ah.. such a loss.
    We are neighbrs, so to speak. I live in Mountains near Boulder. Came over to your blog Via Dorothy's.

  21. Love that patchwork jeans! So cute! Thanks for the visit and check back for the giveaway! xo Vanessa


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