Monday, November 23, 2009

Z to A Monday.. G

G..what a Great letter!
Greetings of the happiest kind! Gee! Golly wow!
Gloves..either rubber,woolen ,boxing or for me, cotton gardening..

Grecian Isles, urns.. and ruins..and Athens..

Green growing things..

Grandmas with a ready supply of hugs and kisses ..

Great state of Georgia USA with yummy peaches,Vidalia onions and  pecans 

Grand as in  Grand Teton mountain..

Grand Ole Opry..the greatest stage for country music artists..

Grande Canal.. the main watery "street"  in Venice Italy where Gondolas rule supreme!

Gigantic Gators.. gliding silently through southern swamps to the Everglades

Gatorade..sports drink founded in the Gators of course!

Gelatin.. the basis of jiggly Jello

Girls..giggly,all sugar and spice, everything nice as well as sporty, independent, gracious...
Gentlemen..some merry and old, others ..well..they fall into a variety of catagories..
Grits..the southern staple..

G.R.I.T.S...Girls Raised In The South..

Great Auk..a really funny looking extinct  bird..

Gladiolas..and Geraniums..gorgeous flowers both..

Gardenias ..ahhh..heavenly scent..

Gloriosa Lily..which  really is a  beautifully flowered vine..

 Greenland, an island country in the northern Atlantic..

Great Barrier underwater delight for divers....

Great island country ruled by Elizabeth, the Queen

Green beans..a staple of many meals
Green veggies..eaten both raw and cooked

Great White shark found along the great barrier reef..or as in Jaws..

Great Blue Heron..a stately bird..

Grey/Gray..a color..or the lack of color..ashen..pale.
Grapes..yummy eatings, or stomped to make wine, dried as raisins..

Grapefruit.. so named because they grow in clusters like grapes..

Goats..grown for wool (think angora) milk and cheese..

Giraffes..tall, long necked spotted animal..

Google  search engine who makes it easy to find so many things on the internet..

Googly eyes..go figure!

Gene..'" the dancing dentist of Oxnard, California"..nuff said!
George singer from Texas..whom I ADORE!

G.. the beginning , middle and ending in so many words..
Gulf of Mexico..the grand, glorious body of water along my beach which is missed much..

 G.. for the greatest giver of all..the creator..
who makes all things possible..
I thank Thee!
Goodnight to all..
get going, gallop on over to Generous  Jen's Unglazed for more G stuff..


  1. Great Scots! What a list! I love it! Especially the Gelatin. Cute.

  2. Good Morning, I always enjoy your photos to go along with the letter of the week. Grateful to have found your blog and I wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. Gee, I think you have covered almost everything. Very creative.

    I love that you are surrounded by kitties, I miss Bootsie when he returns to his real home.


  4. Quite the world tour of the letter G, there! Nice roundup!

  5. Happy Monday Loui
    Wow - what a Genrous post to honor letter G!
    Blessings to you this Thanksgiving week.

  6. Truly! God inspired. Love those Gardenias and George too!!

  7. Golly Gee Girl,
    Great list, Great Photos. Have a lovely holiday.

  8. Gigantic Post for the letter G! Wow! I'm impressed, especially by that picture of George Strait! He is so cute and a good singer, too. Enjoyed the read!! Hoping you have a great Thanksgiving. I'm getting ready for our company and they will be here thru Sunday, so I will catch up as soon as possible.

  9. Wow! Are there any G's left?! Great post. I love the picture of the gardenia and you taught me a new one-- G.R.I.T.
    Have a good Thanksgiving.

  10. So cute...where else can you admire: God, George Strait, Grits, Gators and Girls???
    Have a great week!

  11. Even though my life is crazy-hectic now with the house in "Hooterville", I wanted to pop in to wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving, Loui!

  12. what a great post!
    I am so glad you visited my blog because now I have found yours.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving,



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