Saturday, October 2, 2010

Pink Saturday..thinking pink!

How Sweet the Sound

In honor of  The 25th anniversary of  Breast cancer Awareness Month..
We all know October is the month each year when everything turns pink.
There are all sorts of events to raise  both money and awareness of this dreaded disease.
Money for research..
Awareness of early detection by mammogram..
we all hate them..
but ..we suffer knowing if detected early it is treatable!
Do your self exams..
and support the American Cancer society..
don't ignore the signs and become a statistic!!!
the life you save could be your own

Please join Pink Saturday to see what others are thinking!


  1. Just heard yesterday that one of my classmates has breast cancer:(
    It is such a dreaded disease!

  2. Thanks for reminding me to get a mam. My first ever. I really don't want to but my Grandma had bc and it runs in our family.

  3. Thank you sweet friend for posting this. It's so important. A mammogram saved my life.


  4. Hi Louie, I usually get a strand of my hair died pink in the month of October. The fee goes to breast cancer reasearch. hugs♥O

  5. Thank you for the reminder, Loui. I had a mammogram last month, so I'm good to go for a while.

  6. Thanks for your sweet comment and the great reminder, Loui! xx

  7. i just did my pink post today!! love that so many women are spreading the word through their blogs :) hope you're having a great week :)


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