Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Art of Writing

How many of you are letter writers?
I don't mean a quick e-mail..
or a text message..,
or even a Message on Facebook..
I mean a handwritten missive...
handwritten on lovely stationary..
sealed into an envelope ..
stamped with love and posted..
in the mail box?
I will admit to have become somewhat of a  SLACKER!
First, I was given/taught  the gift of handwriting by my Mom ..
long before ever setting foot into a school.
along with the handwriting, she also gave me the gift of reading..
taught with patience, guided by love,
 we sounded each letter as it  was formed on the paper..
these were two of the greatest gifts of love I've ever been given!
she explained with these  "Keys," I could go anywhere I chose..
either by book,or reality..
Today, with the advent of electronics.
most children either have or should have access to a computer
many lessons are being taught solely by  computer generated lessons...
the art of handwriting is no longer being taught in school..
it is sadly being left to the discretion of the individual teacher's choice.
Having grown up in a household which encouraged my writing to pen-pals abroad,
I can remember the excitement with the anticipated arrival of each new letter!
quickly, I responded enthusiastically, applying my excitement to my reply, 
and posted in the next day's outgoing mail..
later in my adult life, living abroad as a military spouse,
those same skills were again put to use daily..
realizing the importance of communicating my daily experiences to others far away,
my morning coffee time was letter writing time. for me...
to family and friends back in the states..
to military friends around the globe..
to my hubby away on deployment..
Mail call will always be the most import event of the day..
(telephone calls were not allowed back then)
especially  to a service member far away  from his family..
Telephone calls to the States were terribly expensive ..
I would call my dad every other weekend for a 30 minute call- $30.
he would direct-dial me the in between weekends  for 30 minutes -$10.
stamps back then were a very inexpensive alternative!!
Nowadays, my writing is more or less confined to those without computers..
or a brief handwritten message tucked into a special card!
with the advent of Facebook and all the recent un-necessary changes..
it has turned into not only a time eater/waster..
but an all consuming too intrusive Monster!
so,, Facebook hear me roar!
I do NOT NEED you!
I am limiting the time I spend with you..
and if you are not careful, I may just unplug you!!
NOW..it is back to basics 101 for me..
e-mail replies when a SPEEDY reply is needed..
otherwise, letter writing for all other communication..
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Falling Off a High-Heeled Life

Celia writes:"Handwritten letters are priceless treasures! 
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  1. Writers love to write and will always write no matter how many "apps" come along to curtail the experience. The power of expression is in our bones and words are our strength. I follow you because your combination of words and pictures speaks to me too.

  2. I truly enjoyed this post. Thank you very much. I am too embarrassed to say when the last time I hand wrote a letter was--or even a typed letter. For the sake of the recipient, back when I wrote a lot of letters I most always typed them. Cursive writing can be so difficult to read. But what your post made me realize is that I haven't mailed any letters at all in way too long. Sadly, I have gotten sucked into the internet mode of mostly short messages. You've made me want to do something about that. Thanks.

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