Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wonderful Worlds of Wednesday

Better late than never..
have been under the weather all day..
so when not in bed..
have been at the computer ..
yep, trying to sort through my endless photos!
culling,re-cropping, editing..
savoring the proof of a memory made..
reliving the moment.
some have been redundant..
yet different views of the same subject..
over and over,,
and yet one more shot..
captivates me ..again.
My subjects remain..
the same..the sand, surf, sky..
no matter the season
populated by flora and fauna ..
and or my audience of one!
she calls to me..
this enchantress of the sea..
please enjoy a few of my favorites..
most have captions..

Please join my friends who've been partying all day long..
without me, yet kindly. saved me a place! Thanks ladies!

Outdoor Wednesday
Watery Wednesday
Wordless Wednesday
White Wednesday


  1. Ok, dear Dr. Momma Loui --
    Maybe the ONLY thing better than plates is ... the sea.
    What amazing pictures! LOVE the one with the bird coming in for a landing or getting ready to do something.

    I will take your "cure" for my plate addiction; I was quite relieved, as I was almost expecting you to say that the only cure for me was to get that DISH book out of my house ... and send it to you. :-)

    Keep posting pics like these -- they are beyond spectacular.
    Sorry you haven't been feeling so hot -- get better!

  2. Wow, incredible shots. Water isn't something I see too much of in my world.

  3. Gorgeous Pictures! That first ones is fascinating to me! The bird near the camera and the far away people on the beach are equally clear and sharp. I'm wondering about the camera settings to get a picture like this. I hope to be able to get this effect in some of my pictures.

  4. Now this post which is my reason for coming, the photos are wonderfully inviting, calm and beautiful. I love most especially that one with grass leaves and that with silvery white sparkles and a lone man. How i wish the Michael, Matthew and Maria will come over and enjoy this beach with you, and their children will now be your own grandkids. I am sure they will love this beach too. God bless you Loui for being kind.

  5. Gorgeous photos. Sure makes me feel like I'm at the beach.

  6. Answers to your Questions..
    thanks everyone for your generous and positive comments.
    Photography is a passion of mine,especially
    with all coastal subjects galore..
    * the Seagull pic was mad from the balcony of a friend's condo..
    It came about by my teasing/enticing the seagulls closer with tossed treats of popcorn and bread crusts..Once achieved,I started clicking furiously!
    not all frames were photo worthy..
    but I too loved this one!
    I just set it on Auto and started the clicking process..
    editing/cropping also added dimension to the pic.
    *For Andrea..
    Maria the child was a toddler at the time of this event. Ever beautiful,she had not much contact with me as did the boys.. After growing up on the California coast, she now lives in the Pacific Northwest with her own family..having sadly, little to no contact at all with her brothers..
    yes..I have further nurtured my relationships with the boys as well as their children!
    the children have ALL delightedly experienced these beaches with their parents..

  7. Wow! Those photos are magnificent! Wowsa!

  8. Loui~
    Love love love!!!
    gypsea nurse

  9. Hi, Loui!
    Thanks for stopping by. My neck of the woods is in Mississippi.
    Your pictures are just amazing! Especially that second one. You must have a great camera!

  10. Absolutely beautiful & amazing pics !

  11. what a fantastic serie of photos! :)


welcome to my world of salty sunkissed breezes..
where time is not measured..
linger leisurely..
sift sugary white sand between your toes..
Make and take those wonderful memories..
leaving behind..only your footprints...