Monday, December 7, 2009

Monday A to Z Backwards "E"

E ...
eggs..eggplant,excitement, elephants,excema,extreme makeovers.
excursions,elegant entertainment options...
endless lists, earrings..everything under the sun..electonics..
egads..I've found it!

Started in 1965 as a means for multiple users of a time sharing main frame to communicate;
email is Electronic Mail. The current forma swe today know it was established in 1982..

I love the ability to communicate via email!
Just tap out that message, proof it,press the send button...
and poof in an instant, the missive is sent to a lucky recipient!
They can be right next door in the adjoining cubicle or around the world in Australia.
The Internet (world wide web) has connected the world far better than the telephone.

With the advent of  personal computing, email has become the easiest way to communicate.
No envelopes or stamps to lick, no waiting for the postman, nor trips to the post office.
My family and friends are flung around the globe,but we are connected by email.,blogs,personal sites..
we share news, events, photos..and with web cams..even our faces as we chat in "real time"..

the possibilities are endless..
....and is so easy even a baby can do it!

 but email makes communication the next best thing for us!
                    I Love my e-mail!
now zap yourself over to Jen's unglazed for more E goodies..


  1. Can't remember what it was like to communicate without email or cell phone. Feels like we've always had them. We sure saw the post office a lot more than we do now!
    Happy Monday.

  2. Another great post! Happy A-Z Monday!

  3. Excellent ! I am thankful for e-mail too. I think stamps are extravagant now. :)

  4. Cute E post, Loui! How could we live without our connections via e-mail and internet??? Looks like you chose a good time to fly south!!! I see that it is 5 degrees in Denver!!!! Take care and have fun!

  5. Happy Monday Loui!
    It's an E-world!
    Have a good time in FL!

  6. Cute "E" word, Lou.... I love email also. I find that I become MUCH better friends with bloggers IF I can email with them --in addition to commenting on their blogs. Oh --how I love my EMAIL...


  7. So cute Loui!!! Email is my favorite form of communication too!!!
    Happy Monday

  8. Good choice - not sure how we'd get by without email now!

  9. I never thought I would become one of those people who rely on email. But, I have. And I love my email, certainly the best way to keep in touch.


  10. Can't tell you why excema made me laugh (I have it!) but it did. Lots of good info on email Loui---reminds me I have about 500 to clear out of my in box. ugh! Have a good week.

  11. very inventive post, Loui...clever!!
    Have a safe trip back to Denver...sorry you have to go back to snow and cold.


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