Sunday, February 7, 2010

Weather Report

I sit watching snow..
outside my window..
fat, floppy flakes..
all outdoors..
while I am..
snug in my world..
sipping my morning wake-up coffee..
all hot , blonde and sweet..
felines, all three..
curled sleeping..
at my feet..
As I peruse the network of blogs..
there is a common theme today..
seems it is snowing..
or raining..
all over the world!
altho grayness and white...
there is color on this wintery day

Turquoise ..
Mermaid Tears..
seaglass earrings ..
from The White Flower Farm House
reminding me..
of carefree laughing beachy days..
frolicking on the sugary white sands..
watching  everchanging beach waters..
they can be yours..
follow the instructions to enter..
a giveaway from Kat at Low Tide High Style..
she too is watching..
a snow-covered world outside her windows..
as this Mermaid  dreams of winning the giveaway..
Enjoy your day..
despite the weather
wherever you may be..
warm hugs, laughing smiles..


  1. Hi Loui, Oh those earrings have your name all over them!!!!!
    You and your kitties sound like you are having a cozy morning. I know you must have warm memories of the warm summer sand on a day when white blankets your outdoors. Take care and give those cats a hug from us.

  2. Mildred..
    you are so true..
    the earrings them!!
    I had planned a post,
    a sentimental journey of sorts about my home town in Florida.. will probably still do so..
    but I simply HAD to enter this giveaway..
    Have you visited either of those blogs?
    both are wonderful.. of course..
    I am a follower!
    have a beautiful day..
    kitty purrs!
    warm hugs..

  3. Okay dear friend, hands off my earrings! Just kidding, but I do love them so!

    We're still waiting for the sun to emerge long enough to warm up our beaches, but as I watch the news and read the blogs of those in such horrid snow, I've decided to stop complaining. Well, at least a little bit. Glad to read you're all snuggly up there in the mountains.


welcome to my world of salty sunkissed breezes..
where time is not measured..
linger leisurely..
sift sugary white sand between your toes..
Make and take those wonderful memories..
leaving behind..only your footprints...