Monday, February 22, 2010

A-Z Foodie Monday..E

The incredible edible egg..

can be eaten and enjoyed in a variety of ways..
boiled and eaten right out of the shell,
or as Egg salad.. 
which forms the basis for a variety of dishes..

to which can be added, chicken, tuna or potatoes..
creating an entirely new dish!
fried..or scrambled yummy either way,
accompanied by Grits or Hash Browns
for breakfast fare..
and yes..Raw..
for a variety of"medicinal" reasons
and as in Egg Nog ,
(the liquor supposedly cooks the rawness?)

or in a Bloody Mary..
as a cure for  morning after hangover..
baked..with cheeses and vegetables becomes Quiche.

Or baked with milk,creamy custards and Flan.
but the prettiest and most prized are as Easter Eggs..

hunting the golden Prize egg ..
while hoping for a Chocolate egg instead! 

Everyone's a Foodie winner on Monday's
at Jen's Unglazed  !
Bon Apetite!!!


  1. Happy Monday Loui!
    I like my eggs in cookies and cakes. :D

  2. Eggs are used in my favorite dish-creme brulee!

    But a good omelet is a wonderful thing too.

    Hope you are enjoying your Monday.

  3. love all the egg ideas... :)
    I left a comment at cottage instincts right after you and saw that you live in denver too and thought I'd come say hi. :) stay warm!

  4. Pretty versatile thing, that egg is!

  5. Definitely one of the most "well-rounded" foods around. Your pics made me very hungry this morning.

  6. Great post! And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your mosaic for Blue Monday. Maybe someday I'll figure out how to make such pretties on the computer...have a blessed day - Beth

  7. I am late getting around this week. I love your post and these photos make me hungry! We love omelettes and eggnog is one of my all time favorites! Hope you are having a good week friend.

  8. My fave is defintely the chocolate egg..hmm I am so ready for spring how about you?

  9. I love eggs! The egg salad coming right out of the shell is a great looking dish! Only so many people in my family don't like eggs! Oh, well, I'll make it for myself someday!


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