Friday, August 13, 2010

Pink Saturday

Fun with  the Sweet Potato Queens.

The Sweet Potato Queens concept has been explained and made popular by a series of books by Jill Conner Browne, born in Tupelo and raised in Jackson, who came up with the idea in 1982. [2] (Browne is the author of a number of books which form the backbone of the Sweet Potato Queen "movement.") It involves a belief in a sisterhood that promotes self esteem and positive thinking, appealing to mostly middle-aged middle-class women. As John Ray, the ordering manager at Politics and Prose in Washington once said of the Sweet Potato Queen books, "they began to empower women."[3] In 2005, almost ten thousand women dressed up in costumes and came to Jackson for the annual Hal and Mal's St. Patrick’s Day parade, proceeds from which benefited a local children’s hospital.
Each local chapter assumes its own theme and designs its own costumes. Some of the chapters participate in parades and fund-raisers in their local communities.

For me,it all started when Doris,my ex sister in law sent me the first book of The Sweet Potato Queens..

followed by, another book

and still another..

and all the while..
she and her friends had become an active club/chapter.
doing so many good things in their community..
They would appear at local shindigs..


and then they traveled to Jackson, Mississippi for the First  convention..
which has become an annual ritual of fun and frivolity for them..

SPQ's at the convention

Doris, in Black and white, reigning Queen Bee
Isn't she lovely!

Finery..BLING! and Pink!
Happy Pink Saturday !!


  1. I will have to add these books to my reading list. They sound interesting. Thanks for suggesting them.
    I like that girls pink wig in the last shot. Perfect for pink Saturday.

  2. Wow! Fun and interesting, plus close to home! Speaking of Sweet Potatoes, several miles north of us the little town of Vardaman, MS is the Sweet Potato Capital of the world! That area raises a vast amount of sweet potatoes and every year they have a big festival up there. They have a shop that sells many things made from sweet potatoes. I guess I need to attend and blog about that someday:)

  3. I saw Jill Connor in person at a local bookstore, a couple of years ago. That's quite a group! I LOVE the name of your blog--so cute!

  4. What a fun and colorful post! Sounds like these SPQs are a charitable and super group of ladies. I'll put these books on my "to read" list! Thanks for sharing. ~ Angela

  5. Geez, I read all the time but have missed these books. I will see about finding them. Thanks bunches♥olive

  6. This made me want to read the books! What a fun group! Thanks for your nice comments!

  7. Never heard about them, but they do sound similar to the Red Hat ladies. Having fun, and feeling good.


  8. Too cute Loui! Have never heard of these books before! Looks like they have a great time!! Girlfriends are the best!!

    Love and hugs to you!

  9. I've seen these gals at a few of our parades for the military. Yup, I'm a southern, Mississippi gal. :) I didn't know that they had books though! Very cool.


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