Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wednesday..White, Watery, Outdoors and Wordless

~White Wednesday

The heat..
it is on everyones mind..
and how to beat it..
Temperatures soar here on the valley floor..
there is relief to be had..
in the icy mountain streams..
pools below cascading waterfalls..
and Colorado has such an array..
many just a short hike away.

But first....
one must get there...
up into the mountains..
where even in summer,,
there is SNOW...

white cascades..
resemble bridal veils...
and often in these romantic settings..

proposals are made..
and accepted..
and a mountain wedding is the obvious choice.
Some weddings are held in meadows of summer wildflowers..

Others are on mountain top vistas

where sometimes the wind can be quite blustery..
and there is always that special bouquet..

Please join these other sites for ore Wednesdays..

Stay cool..Keep hydrated!!
Enjoy your day!!


  1. Wonderful scenerys. Great waterfalls and it look soothing to sit in the water. What a romantic place for a wedding!

  2. Such magestic views Loui! Beautiful!

  3. Gorgeous scenes....the waterfall and the water color just can't be beat...and the wedding photos? Super.

    My Wednesday post if about a song in my drop by if you can. Here's the link

  4. stunningly gorgeous shots! The water looks like silk flowing.

  5. How Romantic!
    I just bet my daughters would hate a wedding in the mountains because they were raised here.
    But I would have loved it twenty or so years ago.

  6. Hi Loui,

    Looks like you're making the transition from seashore to mountains seamlessly. Those are some grand photos!


  7. Gorgeous. I could use a waterfall about now. It is hot here also. Georgia. Visiting from Outdoor Wed. olive

  8. Wonderful. My sister is in Colorado and loving it!
    She tells me of the cooler temps- and I just say, ahh, that sounds nice. Humid here....

  9. Amazing beautiful photos.
    That wedding is amazing!
    loved my visit!

  10. Beautiful views!

    Happy WW

  11. What a cool place for a wedding, I love all the waterfalls. Beautiful photos and scenery.

  12. Your pictures are absolutely stunning! I felt like I had a "mini-vacation" just looking at them. Beautiful! :)

  13. gorgeous pictures the waterfalls are beautiful

  14. A lovely post. All those amazing waterfalls. So beautiful

  15. Hi Sandi,

    So nice to meet you Sandi when you came to visit me this morning on my blog and to want to enter my giveaway I am having. You said in your comment that you were following me but I have looked and looked and have not found you there. Please come back and sign up as a follower so you can be counted in with the rest for my giveaway.
    It looks like you and me have some things in common. I was born in Florida and stayed there till I was 9yrs. My parents and I moved to Denver where I grew up and had two of my children there. Although now I live in Georgia so you can call me a Southern Mermaid Mountain Girl!!!!

    It was so nice to meet you and please come back to become one of my followers!!

    Hugs and Smiles,


  16. Hi Loui, I just found you at Becky's place(Holiday in the Sun)and immediately knew I had to check you out-so glad i did. I moved up north of you, near Fort Collins, two years ago from Ca. I used to be in banking too. Loved your photos. I'm not ready for fall but friends on the Front Range keep seeing signs of an early fall-hopefully it won't be the winter we had last year.
    I'm going to follow you neighbor. Have a great weekend, looks gorgeous out!

  17. So gorgeous & refreshing! We're having another week in the 90's ahead of us! Stay cool!


welcome to my world of salty sunkissed breezes..
where time is not measured..
linger leisurely..
sift sugary white sand between your toes..
Make and take those wonderful memories..
leaving behind..only your footprints...