Monday, June 25, 2012

Funny how times slips away..

Hi all..
haven't forgotten any of you..
have just been soooooo busy!
in all my hurrying and scurrying while sorting and decrapifying.. ..
look what i "Found"
this was in a batch of pics i'd been searching forever for..
as promised once found would scan and share..
done,did, did ..
and now I'm sharing a fave of mine from eons ago!
remember my post about Matty and his little sister Maria..
here we are ..Maria and and I..both VERY young!!
yeah my mouth is open..not to catch flies.. 
but talking gently  to her as she wiggled  in my lap!
my house looks like a storm came roaring through!
sealed boxes are stacked as high as i can reach..
everywhere else is just messy messes..
my bed is made..
felines are fast asleep.. well ..
they were until the flash went off!
outside the world of my house..
forest fires continue to rage..
High Park Fire
Uploaded by: apphotos — Friday June 22, 2012 — ClarkCO (Current Weather Conditions)
In this June 19, 2012 photo provided by the Colorado National Guard, 
an aircraft drops a load of fire retardant slurry above the High Park wildfire about 15 miles west of Fort Collins, Colo. 

While some have been contained..

ESTES PARK, Colo. – 
A fire that destroyed 22 homes and two outbuildings in an Estes Park neighborhood was
100 percent contained Monday.
Evacuees are expected to be able to return to their homes Monday.
“Due to the hard work of the firefighters and responding agencies, 
the Woodland Heights Fire was isolated to one neighborhood in Estes Park (Sunday),” 
Julie Berney, Public Information Officer for the Larimer County Sheriff’s Office said.
 “The community is open for business.
With the aid of helicopters dropping water on the flames,
 fire crews were able to limit the fire to roughly 27.3 acres. 
The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

new ones have started..
as  temperatures continue soaring to new highs..
breaking records..
currently 102 sizzling degrees!
to is simply unbearably hot out..
I ask you to keep fire fighters in your prayers!
these guys are dressed in heavy protective gear..

which is already HOT..
and to be physically active exerting body movement..
you KNOW they have to be sweltering!
Now for news and views on the other side of my world..
(all of my Florida friends and family are  safe..)

tropical Storm Debby is crashing through the Gulf..

Courtesy D.J.Zemenick

courtesy Margo  (cincobayou)
wreaking erosion,
washing over Turtle nests..

Courtesy D.J.Zemenick
so far no human lives have been lost..
even though they continually ignore the Red Warning Flags.. 

Courtesy Gary Cooper 
either to frolic or surf  these deadly conditions..
Wind gusts 45-50mph accompany rain as it continues falling along the  northeasterly track of the storm..

as she moves away from my part of the panhandle..
leaving  sunshine and and lesser waves for the surfers..

Tropical Storm Debby brought 11-foot swells to Pensacola Beach on Sunday, keeping everyone but the bravest of surfers out of the Gulf. According to the National Weather Service, the tropical storm could go east of Pensacola toward southern Okaloosa County, but its path is still uncertain. Leland Davis, the senior lifeguard at Pensacola Beach, said that with the red flag, only surfers are allowed in the water.
hopefully once she has come ashore, the rains will become beneficial instead of destructive flooding..

and life will resume a more leisurely pace for summer fun..
now for even more fun.. 
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  1. Lovely photo. I hope the fire issue will be put out soon. , happy blue Monday!

    Come and see my BLUE when you get a chance.

    PS. Now following your blog (200th), would love it to have you join my site as well. Thanks!

  2. Actually, we do have one death. The body of a mother, discovered 300 yards away from her destroyed home was found clutching her live baby. The baby has broken ribs and pelvis but should survive.

    Thanks for the concern for Colorado and Florida, and thanks for sharing your blues.

    Happy Blue Monday, Loui.

  3. Wow! You have quite a post today! Enjoyed all the pictures! Hope the fires are controlled soon.

  4. Uh-oh that isn't looking good, hope it gets out soon, thanks for sharing. Visiting from Blue Monday.

    Here's my BLUE, your comment will make me happy.

  5. Lovely and cool photos..

    Visiting for MYM- hope you can stop by..

  6. Great shots!! Thanks for sharing your photos!


  7. What a great post with some fantastic photos!

  8. Thanks for sharing and hope the fires will be controlled soon.


  9. Oh, those fires are just heartbreaking and firefighters will forever be heroes! I don't know how they keep going but prayers for sure!

    We did need the rain badly here in paradise, but the cleanup.....oh, well....can I just say "who plants an oak tree by their neighbor's pool?????" My neighbor! She's precious but really? An Oak tree!? Thankfully my son came to help with the cleanup.....


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