Tuesday, June 12, 2012

In search of Mermaids..and finding ONE!

As one Mermaid to another..

We are always searching for our sisters of the sea..
Maybe, it's the pull of the tides, lured by the moonlight..
and just like Unicorns, Fairies,and other magical mystical creatures...

can be found just about anywhere!
Such was the case of Wendie Adams Ridley..
With the same last name of Ridley..
as in Kemp's Ridley Sea Turtle ..

which inhabits the Gulf of Mexico..
that very same beautiful body of water ...
which so inspires Wendie's creativity..
speaking volumes of her connection to the gulf..
We  have never met..

yet the instant I saw one of her mermaid paintings..,
the tug of recognition was immediately felt ..
and my search was on.
With just the name Wendie  as  a lead or starting point,
my search began with mermaid images on Google...
recognizing her style immediately in the mermaids shown.. 

from there, her name appeared..
and finally to Facebook..

where I found the real live Mermaid !
along with her gorgeous whimsical Mermaids..

Of course the first thing I did was send her a personal message, expressing my interest in her work..
would she consider and interview with the possibility of being featured on my blog?
with the message went the link and the invitation to view Mountain Mermaid..

Dear Wendie..
Awhile back, when visiting home,
I went in search of an Artist at Gulf Place that I had read about...
Why? because I too Love mermaids.. 
I did not find her..but  did find her shop. 
Left a note that I had been by...
that enjoyed her delightful works...
I'll send you a link to that post.just click the link..


I'll also give you a heads up to proof the blog before hitting the publish button!

How did you become interested in Mermaids?
For myself, I drew paper dolls as a child..
that progressed to sewing barbie clothes for my younger sis.
Even after getting married, before having a child of my own, 
I continued making doll clothes for  little girls in my neighborhood. 
I have always drawn and painted up until Arthritis set into my hands..
Now I paint with my camera!
So tell me a bit about yourself.
Are you a native Floridian? 
Have you always been enchanted by the ocean? 
For me, I feel totally complete and connected when I am on the beach..
feeling the salt breeze on my cheeks..
burying and wiggling my toes in  the sand..
listening for the magic squeak that only our sugary white sands can produce!
I love the coast...
and everything about it!!
Wendie's reply:
Thank you so much! 
I would love to be featured on your blog..

I am a self taught artist from Santa Rosa Beach, FL. 
And I love to paint Mermaids! 
I Love them and lots of color!
Please feel free to write anytime!
thanks again! "

and later, a reply to another of my notes..

" Hi Lou, I am so sorry I'm just getting back to you.

I have had no computer at the moment ..

only have my cell which is so hard to type a letter on...

 but here goes anyway."

(here in her words are a brief synopsis about Wendie the artist) 
" I have always loved mermaids and fairys..
and I guess anything that is magical....
I used to make tails for all my Barbies..
(and I was a Barbie queen ) lol..
I am self taught..,
I started drawing my friends in school..
that became a really fun time..

because everyone always wanted me to draw them. 

I would draw them with big heads..
and little bodies..
which was always funny..
that turned into drawing portraits..
then I tried painting.. 
and I loved it so much!
I dont draw a lot anymore ..
I just let the paint and canvas do the work!
I wish I could paint with a computer or camera!
wow that's so cool! 

Photo: 2012-03-28_15-14-11_206

I fooled around with cloning on the computer a few times..
it was really fun!!

I feel the same way about the beach as you do..
and ours is the greatest (to me anyway)!

I grew up in north Alabama..
My family had always (well since I was 3 or 4 years old) come to Destin area.

To me it was like a second home. 
I'd always wanted to live here !! 

So I made it (my dream) happen 12 years ago!
I am so happy I did!!     I love it here! 
The beach is so inspirational with my painting.. 
 it soothes my mind...letting my creativity flow..      
I am grateful to you for writing me and am so happy you like my mermaids!

I am at Gulf Place in Santa Rosa Beach, 
(located onthe corner of Scenic 30-A & 393 Hiway running along the coast)
Anyone can call me   850-830-2295 
Or  email me.. saltysisters.art@gmail.com 
for anything they may want me to paint for them..
as I do custom orders. 

Artists at Gulf Place.

I'm trying to get my work out a bit more but ,
I am so new with this and really just getting started.!
thanks so much Lou and have a great day! "
*Custom made signs..
 Gulf Place at Night..

So there you have it Bloggie friends..
an invite to visit  Mermaid Wendie in person,
view her work, 
purchase a memento of your time  along the Emerald Coast!
also you have a phone contact # as well as an email address for easy ordering..

and for you locals..
there is something fun always going on  at Gulf Place.. every weekend ..all summer long..check it out!

You can believe once my feet are back on my native soil/sand..
I'll be heading over to meet Wendie  the Mermaid..
 in person..
see you there!

Joining these fun folks..
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  1. I'm fascinated my mermaids too. Have you heard of an Australian childrens/teens television series called "H20: Just Add Water"?

  2. very nice post, i love the painting!
    Hope you could visit me here Wifey Online Diary

  3. I've been there!!! in fact, the more I read the more I realized I have some of her work right here at my lakehouse!!!! How funny! Love Love Love the shop.....so much fun stuff!!

  4. Hello, Loui. Thanks for your comment on my blog. Here's a link to a website on Australian television where you can see a music film clip with highlights from the show.

  5. Oh, I'm going to be sure to visit her! What great paintings! Thanks!

  6. What a wonderful post Loui - I really enjoyed this. I'd love to see her work in person. Maybe someday....


welcome to my world of salty sunkissed breezes..
where time is not measured..
linger leisurely..
sift sugary white sand between your toes..
Make and take those wonderful memories..
leaving behind..only your footprints...