Saturday, June 2, 2012

Pink Saturday

Mine eyes have seen the Glory

As many of you know,I've had some serious vision problems of late...
For who has never had anything wrong with my eyes..

to be suddenly deprived of the precious sense of sight has been more than just a bit overwhelming, but  simply downright devastating..
never more have I been so aware of how unassumingly we take this gift for granted as I have of these recent days.
earlier in the week, I'd been out and about running errands..
and finally a beautiful opportunity was presented..
grabbed Nikon and started clicking..
then another and yet another perfect scene just waiting  to be my subject.. the late afternoon light was perfect !!
headed home planning to edit and do a post..
one thing led to another..nothing was  done to the photos..
after a fitful night of non-sleep..I was up and ready for my third follow-up appointment with the retina specialist. nothing more than the routine numbing drops, dilations..tests..more tests, read the eye chart with eyes covered, uncovered!
the doctor comes in to examine my eyes..finally she asks me questions, then tells me no new changes have occurred.. which I think is okay..i think? exam over..
Leaving the office,I'm thinking okay by late afternoon, the lighting again will be perfect from then until dusk for a place I've wanted to shoot in long shadows. 
so.. i go home, have some lunch..and my eyes are still very dawns on me then.. 
I cannot do anything because I cannot  focus!.
no computer work,no camera shoots..nothing.
I decide to go take a nap! 
Logic/panic tells me  rest cures MOST ailments..
This is 3:00 in the afternoon..I do not wake until 7:30 pm..

and I still cannot focus!! my eyes are still dilated!..
For three days..I have done nothing that required using my eyes for long periods of time.. 

I did check in with the doctor..she informed me this is not an uncommon occurrence..use  artificial tears hourly to keep my eyes lubricated, and rest!..
If i need her, she is on call for the weekend.
Do you have any idea what it is like to be  so vision deprived? neither did I!
I've been so very obedient thus far..
so I'm headed over to Beverly's for her Party today..
want to join me? come on!

Pink Saturday


  1. I'm so sorry about the vision problems! My sister is having lots of vision problems and is headed out tomorrow to Baylor University to see a corneal specialist. And no, we don't realize how important our vision is until it's compromised! So praying your vision and my sister's improves greatly and soon!

    Your photos are beautiful though!

  2. What beautiful pictures you have posted. Sorry to hear about your eye sight, hope it's not permanent. God bless

  3. I'm so sorry to hear this. I sure hope that things will improve quickly!! Hugs.

  4. It is something how we can take basic things for granted. I'm really sorry to hear your having such problems. You did catch some awesome photos, everything is beautiful. Keep on keeping on.

  5. Beautiful pictures! I have missed you. I have had vision problems in the past and it sure make you appreciate good eyesight. I will keep you in my prayers.

  6. I'm sorry you are having so much trouble with your vision! After having both eyes operated on by a retina specialist and having cataract surgery and implants in both eyes, I feel that I can sympathize with you!! I hope yours turn out as well as mine did!

  7. Gorgeous photos! I'm sorry about your eyes. My good friend Judy has had something wrong with her eyes for over six months now. The specialists can't figure out what to do. They are constantly really red. Last visit last week they gave her shots in her eyes! That gave me the willies.

  8. There are so many beautiful sights in this World and we certainly do take being able to see them for grantite. Even just on the way home from an appointment there is so much we rush by without stopping and really appreciate what beauty there is to see....a rose, a tree, a bird bath. I love how you stop and think to take pictures (you and I are a lot alike) to capture the beauty you are seeing. I pray for your health and well being as you continue to search for answers to your sudden change in your vision.

    All my best!
    Debbie's Travels

  9. Your pics are lovely! Sorry for your eye problems, hope they'll be over soon!

  10. Take good care of you... hopefully your Dr. will have an answer soon.
    P.S. Very pretty photos!

  11. Oh, I cannot imagine! I have always wondered, as someone who love staking photos, what it would be like to be without sight. It would be so sad. I hope your eyes get better soon. Your photos are beautiful and I look forward to having you join the Nature Walk on Friday. =)

  12. Sorry to hear you are having problems with your vision. Hope all is back to normal soon. I hate anything with the eyes. My son scratched my cornea when he was little and he was sitting on my lap and then I scratched it myself with a mascara want. Hurt so bad. I hate conjuctivitis, red itchy allergy eyes. It's so annoying to have any eye trouble. Keep you in my prayers that you feel better real soon. Get lots of rest and use the drops. Your photos are beautiful. xo

  13. Don't stress out your eyes, hope that it's coming back to normal very soon.

    Despite the focus problems, you have taken great photos.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams


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