Friday, June 22, 2012

what an awesome day i've had!

It's Friday..
hello all!
I'm on cloud nine..or maybe ten!!

flying pretty high tho..
Thursday.. the 21st was simply an awesome day!
It just FELT different when I awoke....
like some thing awesome was gonna happen..
and it did!
started off with coffee as usual..

chatted with sis while she was on the road..
later  the sprinkler man came to check the system..
all in good working order..
set up a time to meet with Realtor..
my house was listed.. 
and purchased ..
the very same day..
for FULL purchase price..
should be closing in 30 days minimum..
45 days max!!!
soo..don't be surprised when you see this...

phase II begins in the morning..
Florida get WE come!!
as I kept busy with all sorts of stuff..
endless phone calls..
got the paperwork overnited to hubby..
made it to the post office in 10 minutes! 
was still there 5 minutes before closing!
came home made dinner..
flipped on the TV..
to Justin Bieber Around the World Tour..
knowing how my grand Whitney loves  Bieber..
proceeded to snap pics from the TV for her upcoming birthday.. 
will make a scrapbook for her..
also know a dancer in the Bieber video who will send her an autograph..

what a present that will be!♥
finally, had a chance to turn on the computer..
answered emails.. 
then went to the site where i post my photos..WU..
checked my recent uploads!
OMG! there was my pic with a coveted blue frame!!
Approver's Choice award!!
and so many awesome comments!!

The heart of the matter..
made me all teary eyed..
and thankful  for such a day of blessings!
so dear friends..please bear with me if my posts are even more erratic in the next few weeks..
know what I'm going through in preparations to a grueling
three-day cross-country drive in the heat of summer..
with three aged felines who've never traveled farther than to the  grooming place..less than a mile away..
any suggestions?
sorry. I cannot afford to FLY them to Florida!

joining a new Friday meme.. wanna tag along? let's GO!
Floral Friday Fotos


  1. Wow, you couldn't have asked for more good fortune. I hope your move goes as well and that you resolve the cat issue by finding them a very good home.

  2. What a wonderful and exciting day you had!! congratulation on the good luck of selling your house!!!! Also Congratulations on the lovely picture with the blue frame!!!

  3. Oh congrats on the house selling so quickly in this market! What a wonderful day you had!!

  4. You did have a awesome day. I cannot help with the kitties move... I've only moved with kids & dogs.

    The flowers are beautiful... a well deserved recognition.

  5. HOORAY!!!!! so happy for you. The WU AC is a have really gotten good with your editing!!!
    Know you have a load off your shoulders to have house sold.

  6. I never heard of a house selling so quickly - it was certainly meant to be. That really is an awesome day!! Beautiful photo too!

  7. What wonderful news!!!!! Sounds like you'll be in Florida before I get back. Here's hoping the escrow is flawless and you close as planned. Tranquilizers may be the only option for the kitties. I sure wouldn't want to make that drive. Is there someone who could travel with you? Good luck!!!!

  8. Hi Loui, I love yellow in small doses, and it certainly looks good on you. My Mom is a true ash blonde, lucky her, and she can wear that color also. Me I am a little too golden to wear yellow. But those pinks and aquas are true fav's of mine.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  9. Listed and sold on same day>??? Whoa girlfriend.....yu are a very lucky gal. YAY for you!!! and don't worry about the drive...think of it as a bucket list adventure. How cool that you'll be able to stop when you want to, photograph the country as you travel thru it or stop in a park or antique shop just because YOU want to!! With the end result of being in the place where you've yearned and dreamed about for a long time??? sounds like an excellent adventure to me!!!! drive safely.

  10. Lovely shots!

    Thank you for participating in Floral Friday Fotos!


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