Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday..Blue and Mosaic..

Blue Monday Instructions

Florida fun....
or if this is Tuesday, I must be in Florida,
 I think..
Hello friends..
Where to start?
I know everyone is waiting with baited breath to hear all about my Florida trip..
to spend countless minutes viewing my photos..
and believe me..I TOOK MANY PHOTOS.. can NEVER ever have too many..!
in two weeks, I put over 1600 miles on my rental car..

Made a road trip to East Central Alabama to check on my Lakefront Property..
81.5 beautifully timbered acres along the shoreline of a mountain lake..
and yes.. it is  for sale..
Why would I go there..
When I could be here you ask?
Simple..I'd gotten word the unthinkable, unspeakable had happened..
Someone had CLEARCUT a swath of timber down to the lake..
and that it MIGHT be on my property!
so after driving nearly 7 hours, and crashing at a gracious friend's house,the second day of "vacation" was spent walking these mountainous woods in sweltering heat and humidity.
Eventually, I did find the cut over section..
THANK GOD..not on my property..
but just adjacent....20 more feet and it would've been on mine!
Documented everything with numerous photos..
My gate had been removed completely and my access had been used to gain entry..
Returned to friends house for showers and more delicious food and gracious hospitality!
(picked numerous ticks off body and in hair..sis found one behind my ear!!)
After a wonderfully delicious good night's rest..
a quick breakfast..many teary eyed good-bye hugs and kisses..
headed back to Panama City, Florida..
on the road theme song for this route..
another  seven long hours via car..
but did pass through some of my favorite small towns in Alabama..
Auburn University has one of the most beautiful campuses in the state..

Tiger Stadium..
Toomer's Drug store, a local landmark, which has continuously operated on the same corner location since the 1800's!
I can attest to autenticity of Hamburgers and Lemonade!
both of which are prepared from fresh ingredients as you watch!
Farther down Hwy 431,we crossed over Lake Eufala,
one of the best Crappie and Bass fishing lakes in the South!

Next came my very favorite part of this sleepy Southern town..
Hiway 431 goes right through the heart of the historical district..
Antebellum Mansions still stand..
Some have been lovingly restored..
others still in the process of restoration...
Each equally beautiful..
such a diversity of styles..
many are private residences..or offices..
all so gorgeous and elegant...
especially in the springtime when Azaleas are in bloom..
after a quick bite..and another cup of coffee..
See full size image
On the road again..
many miles of pastures..
beautiful countryside..
next stop ..

just had to stop at the official Florida Welcome Station..
clean restrooms!
and icy cold Orange and Grapefruit juices..
information packets galore..
and finally back to where we started..
Panama City FLA!
Strolled several blocks down to Beach Drive and joined the locals for Sunset..
Walked to the end of the pier..
Came to rest on the railing..
and thanked my Maker for another beautiful day in Paradise..

to be continued..

Please join Smiling Sally for Blue Monday..
and Mary for Mosaic Monday


  1. Ah yes, isn't His creation amazing!! Actually Panama City,FL is the only place I've been in Florida...When I was a youngster,first married,lived in Elba,AL and that was my exciting Florida trip. It was cold November and the beaches were deserted. It still was pretty though. Looking forward to more of your beautiful collages...those homes are really fabulous.

    About the land thing: You are so lucky you had semi-honest neighbors. We had 49 BIG cedars cut from our property and tons of smaller trees about a year after we purchased it. It was a nightmare. The crook was selling his 60acres of trees off and decided he wanted a little more & he KNEW he was on our property. He tried to hide it by pulling the line after the owner of the logging co. thought it looked suspicious! Those trees will never be replaced in our lifetime. So sad.

  2. I'm horrified that someone nearly ruined your property in Alabama, but I'm glad you found out. Thankfully, they didn't cut your trees!

    And I am glad you had a wonderful time in Panama City. Had been wondering about your trip.

    Waving from the other coast of Florida!


    Sheila :-)

  3. Paradise indeed...what amazing photos, wish I was there!!! Happy Blue Monday

  4. I'm tired just "traveling" with you!

    However, I've discovered that we have many things in common:
    1. I live in Florida.
    2. My son-in-law graduated from Auburn.
    3. My son's favorite breakfast place is The Waffle House!

    Happy Blue Monday!


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where time is not measured..
linger leisurely..
sift sugary white sand between your toes..
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