Saturday, January 8, 2011

Just what the Dr ordered!

When your projected HIGH temp will be only 9 degrees,,
your skin is all itchy and dry..
and your hair  clings limply to your head for lack of humidity..
rather than simply hopping into that enticing  tub of bubbles..
smelling all tropically..
and uttering those famous words..
"Calgon take me AWAY"
and thinking WHY can't I be the latest Lottery winner? 
Here's the next best Winter Woes  Reliever:
Nope.. you haven't won a tropical vacation..YET!
But.. when you do book that vacation..
or summer returns,,
whichever happens first..
man do I have the perfect bag to accompany you!!!..
roomy enough for whatever you wish to escape with..
perfect for any destination..
what an array of gorgeous colors..
follow the instructions..
and you have a chance to be the lucky winner!!!

My friend Suzanne at  Beachhouse etc is hosting this wonderful giveaway..
her rules are simple and easily followed! 

Just what the Doctor ordered...

Ok after a long week i have decided  with my beachy friends
 the Key Lime Zebra...
is the bag I am going to let one of you lucky bloggers win to sashay around the pool or beach with...
so here's the Deal-i-o..

  • To take this bag on your next vacay this is what you have to do...

  •  Number 1. Become a follower ofbeachhhouse etc.
  • know what that
  • means if you aren't a follower already 
  • you need to be... 

  • Number 2. I need you to post this on your blog 
  • about my giveaway

  • Number 3. You need to please leave a comment
  • I will be choosing the lucky blogger on
  •  Friday January 14th 2011....
  • so put the lime in the coconut and drinkem both up...
  • all the best beachy fun living you can stand
  • love you guys...
Head on over and enter!! Now!!
hugs.. Loui♥


  1. Hi Loui-
    I found your blog via Suzannes website. (doing a little blog surfing this morning) Love the post that you did for her - what fun. Just want to say that your blog is truly awesome! A beachy girl stranded inland - me too. Live in Ky - have a second home in Florida (but dont get to be there nearly enough!) - so I just dream about the beach all the time.

    Love that you love your camera - me too. i am all about the taking of pictures - crazed sometimes for it! Colorada is a beautiful state - you have so many opportunities to take beautiful photos there.

    Have a great Sunday - I am happy to have met you~~


  2. Looks like a fun giveaway, Loui! How I wish I were looking at the ocean instead of a snowy deck this morning! Just to lay on the warm sandy beach and listen to the waves rumble, I need a vacay!

  3. ok.. were you reading my mind as you started this post? LOL! It is a fab giveaway! And you are too fun!


welcome to my world of salty sunkissed breezes..
where time is not measured..
linger leisurely..
sift sugary white sand between your toes..
Make and take those wonderful memories..
leaving behind..only your footprints...