Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday! blue, mellow yellow

Today, instead of focusing on beaches..altho that subject is constantly in my every waking thought..I'm sharing  photos of some of the most wonderful houses in historical Romeo, Michigan and nearby Owasso. All photos  were taken by  this  dear friend in Michigan and posted on her Weather Underground site.
"I'm a hobby photographer, wanting to be artist, free spirit and dreamer.Photography is a time consuming hobby that often keeps me from paying attention to my list of chores.But, life is short, photography is a lot of fun! My camera is my constant companion.I see the world as one big photo, everything is fun to take a picture of. As a graphics artist I've learned to compose images with and from whatever I see. 
My real passion, though, is nature. We're entering the cold season, so being outdoors takes a greater effort and cold hands more often while photographing. But, whatever the season, I still always enjoy holding my camera to take yet another shot, whether I will keep it or not."
Never have I seen such an array of historical homes..
all of which have been so lovingly restored..
To me, these photos are just pure eye candy!!
Her photos encompass a variety of subjects.In my opinion, architectural photography is definitely her forte!
To see more of her beautiful work..please go here ichbinheir
Now prepare to enjoy  sheer  jaw-dropping exciting beauty!
Historical Village

Historical Village

Decked out

Michigan Architecture

American Architecture

American Architecture

Fall has arrived

Owosso, Michigan Architecture

Historic Romeo

Beautiful Water in Blue Mountain Beach FL
Sorry.. just couldn't resist the pull of the tide..
the song of the siren..
Mermaids are like that... you know?!!

Please join Smiling Sally for Blue Monday
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  1. Beautiful, grand ladies!

    Happy Blue Monday, Louie.

  2. Oh.My.Word! Gorgeous photos of absolutely beautiful homes.

    It's cold and dreary here today. We only played tennis for one hour before the rain came.

    Snuggling in now.

  3. These are beautiful Lou. The little house with the mansard roof, reminds me of a house here in town, on a street of older homes. We saw that house during a house tour a couple of years ago. The owner is in the midst of renovation of this sweet house. Would love to see it again when it's finished.

    Thanks so much for sharing these photos!

  4. Oh Loui, her photos are wonderful! I love these and the birds in her gallery. My favs are the He and She Cardinals. Thanks for sharing her work with us and especially for adding a beach shot. If you hadn't of done that, I would have thought that someone had kidnapped your blog. If that were the case I'd form a posse and go after those varmints, lol.

    It's raining here today :(

    I need some real beach time soon!


  5. Love the old homes and the contrast of the blue sky!!

  6. All are beauties, especially the last one;-)

  7. Loui, I enjoyed seeing all of these, but I think my very favorite was that darling yellow house with the mansard roof and the bay window. It looked like a storybook cottage in the snow. It's so cozy and charming.

    Love the beach, too!

    Happy Blue Monday...


    Sheila :-)

  8. I love old Victorian homes. Just gorgeous.


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