Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday, Monday..Blue, Mosaic.Foodie

Birds,Berries and Bags is it ever hot!

guess everyone is talking about the weather..
and most  is praying for a break in the heat wave,,

hopefully rain!
nothing dramatic..
just a light soaking rain..
something wash the dust off..
cooling everything in its midst.

even the birds and hoping for rain..

Me.. I just want all sorts of tasty COLD stuff..
to cool me from the inside out!

 nice crisp salads...
    cold gazpacho.

    cold melons.
Lemoncello  lemonade. a frozen one!

and Iced tea.
    anything light and cold..
plain old Ice Water!

 ice box pies..are nice..
 they are heavy..yet cold..

one thing I do LOVE in the summertime is..

 love picking them early in the morning while still damp with dew.
of course,more than an equal amount is consumed than goes into the bucket!

and frozen on a cookie sheet,

then placed in Zip.Loc* bags..

they are so handy to dump into cereal..
or use in baking cobblers, pies, muffins..

or made into scrumptious ICE CREAM!

Imagine.. a Blueberry Daiquiri!

personally. I love eating them frozen.. 
right out of the bag!
and ..
speaking of Bags..

Z is for Ziploc bags..

They are LIFE savers in the kitchen,
I use them for saving leftovers,
lunches, in the freezer..
everything from Zwieback crackers..
to Zucchini..
oh so versatile...
so many, many uses!

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  1. Love the bluberries and why not a Daiquiri :)

  2. Oh Loui, it is always so refreshing and COOL around here. It has been hot around here during the day, but the other evening I went down to the park at the river and a nice, cool breeze was blowing. I just wanted spend the whole night there under the stars.


  3. Wow, that food looks delicious. I am just about to go to bed and now I am hungry again!

    Best wishes for a wonderful week,

  4. Ooo, those blueberries look so refreshing.

    Happy Blue Monday, Loui.

  5. Everything looks so cool and refreshing! And what did we do before ziplocs? They do save a lot of space in the refrigerator too. Stay cool!

  6. Thank you for sharing your beautiful bird mosaic. Have a great week, Mary

  7. Happy blue Monday.. Love the blueberry muffin.. Now I want some.

  8. your whole blog is full of lovely blues,
    what fun and sweet one.

  9. Oh how I love blueberries! Creative Z choice for this week, Loui! Happy Monday to you. :D

  10. A great invention indeed - I hate to see us come to the end of the alphabet!

  11. Hi Loui!
    Ziploc bags are Great for all foods A-Z! ;)


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