Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wednesday..with and without words..

~White Wednesday

It's hot all over!!
July Hot!
seems as tho heat waves are not only happening on the Eastern  half of the country,
there's definitely one taking place here in Denver..
it's days like this, that I think of clear mountain streams..
cool green leafy canopy overhead, full of animal life..

icy cold water..
mossy laden rocks..
recalling the times in the south that I spent Creek Wading..Girl playing beneath waterfall
as a child, just exploring..

finding hidden waterfalls..

and deep pools for swimming..

as an adult, fishing for bass..

with and ultra light rod!
artificial lure..

gets them every time..
well except the few times I mis-judged my cast..
and hooked a hornets nest..
IMG_9729.jpg Hornets' Nest image samolander
or a huge black wasps nest..
P1000548copy.jpg 07042010 image 1paintedmccue
then it was time to dive for cover to avoid those mad flying stingers!
once safely away..
time for a creekside lunch..

saw a lot of summer wildflowers..

wild Phlox..

and ...Joe Pye weed
of course yellow flowers..

bright RED Cardinal flowers growing in the stream!

overhead. a White.Bay Magnolia in bloom..
filling the cool air with a wonderous aroma..

and of course the forest was alive with other sounds..
swamp warblers flitted and entertained..

as well as the raucous kingfisher being noisy,,

so after a cooling trip of creek wading..

it was time to head home..
clean the fish..

Deep sizzling oil..

and have them for dinner!!!

have a "cool" Wednesday by the water!
or in the water!

please join all these folks celebrating Wednesday!
 Watery Wednesday
Outdoors Wednesday
Wordless Wednesday
White Wednesday
Wednesday is Rednesday


  1. I'm almost a Colorado native. LOL...moved there when I was five....left when I was 50.

    I think the RED flower is "Indian Paintbrush".

    My Wednesday Post: INCOMING!!

  2. Such a lot of interesting photos!! I could not pick out a favourite, even though I looked at all of them twice!!

  3. Hootin Annie..
    nope, the red flower is a Cardinal Flower,
    and does indeed grow in the streams..
    most of my adult wade fishing was done in Mountain streams of Alabama..
    not as many snakes and critters as found in the Florida creeks..
    not related to Indian Paintbrush at all.
    and yes, the water was terrific!

  4. Hello Loui-I am glad to meet another mile high blogger! I, too, live in Denver and enjoy many of the same blogs that you do. Wouldn't it be fun to find some others and have a group of locals to talk about the things that we love? BTW-your blog is lovely.

  5. Hello there, what a great blog! Thank you for the comment you left me yesterday. I see that you are living in Colorado - we are headed to Allenspark, CO in August for a wedding. I have never been so I am really looking forward to it. Any must-do or see's you can recommend while we are there?

  6. A chance to enjoy the pleasures of the outdoors-even when it's too hot outside to do so-Thanks!

  7. Hi Loui! I really am enjoying your blog. I've just begun to learn how to build and write a blog and find it very interesting and creative. You have such awesome photos here. I think I saw a swallowtail butterfly in your photo with the cardinal flower. I'm going to begin going through your interesting, beautiful and fun blogs as I get time now. I hope you will enjoy mine too. Have a cool, happy, mountain day!! Patty

  8. That's where I should have been on Wednesday — in the water! It was so hot here and my AC was out for 3 days. I needed some nice cold water and lots of shade, but I got stuck waiting while they worked on the darn thing all day for three days. It was 93 in the house and the only thing hotter was my temper.

    But things are better now after seeing all these wonderful photos.


  9. What a lovely post Loui! The photos are all awesome as well as your memories!! Love the birdies, too! Did you really hook a hornets nest? Did they attack you or just scare you?
    Hope you have a delightful week!!


welcome to my world of salty sunkissed breezes..
where time is not measured..
linger leisurely..
sift sugary white sand between your toes..
Make and take those wonderful memories..
leaving behind..only your footprints...