Monday, July 12, 2010

A-Z Foods on Monday

I thought about Yeast..

the stuff that makes bread rise..

and I think it is also an ingredient in Home Brew..

as well as cordials, liquers and wines..

all that rising reminded me of Yolks...
not fishy Caviar,,

but yep..  Chicken egg yolks.
so many other uses than simply scrambled..

possibly desserts such as  Creme Brulee'
4d80f876.jpg creme brulee image enticetc
or the delicious caramel topped Flan..

what about a Key Lime Pie?

or a golden Angel Food Cake?

and the finished cake...

maybe homemade Ice Cream?

and there's also   Hollandaise sauce..

as well as homemade Mayonnaise..

Yep that edible egg(yolk) is pretty incredible..
but wait..
there's more..
hair conditioner..

and facial mask...

or just make some Egg Nog , top off with homebrew..

and forget everything until next week with Z!
so..please join everyone over at Jen's Unglazed for more Y foods..


  1. Your post makes me hungry for great aunt Lucy's famous yeast rolls! A great Y post Loui!

  2. Nice tribute to two pretty basic food items - hard to get by without them!

  3. That egg yolk is quite versatile isn't it. I used to love when my mom would use yeast to make homemade bread. Great "Y" choices! Happy Monday to you, Loui! :)

  4. Happy Monday Loui!
    Well all I could think of was Yogurt...
    You sure do know how to serve it up for this meme. :D

  5. I'll take that yellow angel food cake please.


  6. So much Yumminess around here today! I'll take the KeY LIme Pie, please. I mean, who hasn't fallen in love with KeY Lime Pie when in Florida?

    (Anxiously waiting for the news on if this latest effort to cap that oil is going to work…please let it be so!)

    Hugs, Shellbelle

  7. My mouth is watering. Clever Y post. I'm happy you enjoyed your time in PC.


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