Friday, March 2, 2012

Fantastic,Frustrating, Finally Friday!

Speaking from personal experience,I find the sunshine  streaming through my window so very uplifting..hopefully...a  sign of positive things yet to come.

Although my week seems shows no obvious progress,
I know what efforts have been expended toward the upcoming move/relocation/preparation of the house for the market:
*Have interviewed three Painting Contractors..
all very diverse in their estimates and opinions.
#1. family owned for MANY long years..

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just hope I don't end up having to do it myself!
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*Have interviewed two Realtors..again..
Both very diverse in their presentations and opinions. ,,

#1...Former flower a serious and  staunch environmental activist..
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#2 ..Special Specialty:Senior Relocation Specialist 
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(have made final appointments for Monday. 
Later that evening will decide which will list the house.)
*Have selected my moving company.

*Have secured gently used moving boxes, along with PLENTY of clean packing paper! 

(Found on Craig's List, he delivered..and yes, My SON was here at the time of delivery! Turned out to be a very nice couple who'd just relocated here from NYC..for the SECOND and hopefully the LAST time...)
*Have secured/reserved temporary lodging for hubby in Pensacola.

*Finding a rental for us is proving to be harder than first thought...can't schedule move until a destination address is found!
so far..a lot of these..either this :

or THIS!..
but IN MY SPARE TIME, am still busily searching all listings..

Weather..crazy wonder so many folks are suffering from the Flu..
While out yesterday,snow fell on me! Actually began as I was leaving Target! The beauty of the moment caused me to pause, slow my steps..and just enjoy with childlike delight..even tried catching a snowflake with my tongue!
The first came about suddenly, a lot earlier than was so beautiful! big floppy wet flakes..slowly floating to the myself I thought.. gosh better get a move on and get back home before the roads become slushy..never happened! after  probably 15 minutes..the snow totally stopped! all I could see was a wonderland of lacy snow dusted trees...the sun popped out briefly, turning this magical place into a sparkling fairyland!!..

finishing errands, an hour later on the way home..snow again..small powdery flakes..which continued off and on throughout the night..
Today is a new day..filled with sunshine and sparkles..and a fresh dusting of snow
Dreamy Sunlight no92284
courtesy : 
My agenda today: finish follow ups in my planner..
then on to my to do list...

blog posts, email, then off to Home Depot for packing tape, pick up several items for hubby..
then back home..back to purging /packing/planning!!
Time is running out much to fast for me!!!

"Don't look in the rear view mirror - 
when you have the windshield ahead of you."
General Colin Powell
love this quote!
outta here! 
So, what are you doing for fun today? Enjoy!


  1. Hi Loui, So this post caught me unawares-you are moving back to Fl? I can imagine you are thinking of the warm sandy beaches and nice weather year round. What is taking you back? I hope you'll continue to post, once you are moved, and keep us updated. Wow, what a move-I thought moving from Ca. to here was tough.
    Have a good weekend.

  2. You found the ideal cartoons for this post, which show you are keeping your sense of humor. Always a boon to keeping our sanity, right? You have a lot of pieces to coordinate and I trust all will work out successfully, dear blog friend.

  3. Oh, my.....sounds like you have your work cut out for you!!! I'm sure you'll choose just the right people to do all the jobs you need done!

    Thanks for the reminder to go write in my journal. I'm trying to do that daily so I'll remember my life!

    We are keeping the youngest son's brand new puppy for the weekend. We picked him up tonight and I'm already exhausted! It's like keeping a newborn! Not to mention my dogs are so freaked out!


  4. It's overwhelming, but I know that you are so organized. Hope that the time you have scheduled into your list is for real, and for you.

    My Mom still can't believe we didn't mark each box with a number, and coordinate it with a master list....sigh. We had more then 1/3 of everything we owned in storage, had to reopen each box to find the missing ammunition, and then repack it all. Oh, and we had just under 2 1/2 weeks to organize the entire move. Yes, I can't believe we didn't have a master list, and marked each box....sigh.

    And you are right, you can never have too much packing paper.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  5. I feel your pain. After living in the same house for 15 years we ended up relocating for 3 years (which actually involved 3 moves) and then coming back home where we had 4 more moves to where we are now. You have my unending sympathy and good wishes for all you have to do.

  6. Hi Loui, Looks like a Snow Globe up there. You got more than we did. Thanks for stopping by and signing up for my giveaway and for tweeting! Have a great week! All sunshine from here! Carolyn


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