Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Terrible thoughts on a terrific Tuesday..

Good Morning friends,,
this will be a quickie as I am furious..
spent a whole lotta $$$ yesterday to upgrade the memory in my Dell PC... 
as had been recommended by Dell Concierge service.. which by the way.. I LOVE..
computer worked fine last nite..
turned it on this morning, 
proceeded to do my morning ritual..
First cuppa of the morning..
started up fine.. 
checked e-mail..
checked for comments here on Blog..
checked FB..
checked /was browsing Pinterest..
outta who knows where..
my screen is eeeeK!!!

THE Blue Screen of Death error message..

ok,following directions..I turn it off.. restart..
AGAIN!  the same result!!
tried pressing the F8 key to start it in safe mode..no luck!
call Dell Support because I cannot get into computer to access Dell Concierge Tech Support!.
 everything is going fine until they ask what kind of memory was installed.. and by whom .. and where.
Brand name,Office Depot, Office Depot. 
they, Dell, can no longer assist me ..
because  a DELL brand was not installed..
I am livid!! 
called Office Depot to tell them what has happened..
they said bring it in..
Pray for me please..
pray they can fix my computer..
pray the computer IS fixable..
pray that i can..
and will control my temper ..
if the results are less than favorable..
or especially if MORE dollars  are involved..
to be continued...


  1. Oh girl.....I'm sending positive mojo your way. Nothing and I mean, nothing is worse than seeing that blue screen. Well, maybe dealing with the computer gods is worse..aaaccckkk. Hoping your back up and running quickly with no mo money spent!

  2. Oh, no......that happened to me once. I called someone and they said go to www.wedon'trealizeyoucan'tgetonyourcomputer.com.....that's when I lost it!!

  3. OMG- this is the type of thing that happens to me when I try to upgrade anything. Grrrrrr..... My son is having laptop issues and needs to upgrade his processor and I am hemming and hawing about it. I wish I could just afford to buy him a new laptop, but there is just no way right now. I am praying you get your issues resolved quickly.

  4. Very scary, and frustrating, ahhhh. I hope that everything works out fine for you. Computers are wonderful until they fall apart...

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams


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