Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tuesday woes continues..

About my computer..
Nothing resolved as of yet..
heading back to Office Dept ,
will have them uninstall everything....
cancel order,,
Will order product from Dell..
who will walk me through the installation process..
Now that I've learned how  to open PC..
how to install Memory Cards..
and have also learned a very valuable lesson..

sometimes generics will work..
or maybe will.. just not at required optimum!
But for something as important as my computer,,
the value of which is immeasurable..
in so many ways..
when in need of repair/fix..
ALWAYS go to the original source..
for they do KNOW what is Best for their product,,
to be continued..

in the meantime have fun at :
White Wednesday
Outdoors Wednesday
Watery Wednesday
Wordless Wednesday


  1. I hate computer issues too. Thankfully my hubby knows enough to be dangerous. Hope it all get resolved soon.

  2. My computer mail program is sending out spam under my husband's name. It's always something! I hope your issues get settled soon!

  3. Good luck with the computer! In the meantime, I love the sand drifting over the fence!!

  4. Nothing quite as irritating - or frustrating - as the dark side of technology!! But the pix are great!!


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linger leisurely..
sift sugary white sand between your toes..
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