Monday, March 5, 2012

Monday Mayhem..

Good delightful Monday morning!
First things first:
the good and delightful..

Brax,,all 10lbs.6 ounces of sweet baby boy!!
He's developing such a delightful personality!
turns on the charm and smiles..
In just one more week, he will be 2months old!
Gramma  U may have to have a repeat of This!

Outdoors,we have BLUE skies..
with a promise of temps in the mid 60's..
just the sort of weather begging, enticing  you..
to come on out and play in the dirt..
with not a hint of major snow storm on the way..
due to arrive on Tuesday..
the Garden centers have ample supplies..
everything  from A-Z..
Blooming!..just ready for your selection..
So many varieties with bright and cheery blossoms.
crisp green foliage.. potted, in baskets..all waiting for you!
Many bulbs showing their beautiful blooms..
the delights of springtime.. 
one of my most cherished favorite memories is that of Citrus blossoms!
So many wonderful occurrences in my life were accompanied by this delicate, delicious aroma..I was not disappointed when I discovered these.. complete with lemons, grapefruit, and oranges.. 
The mayhem or not so delightful..
Discovery made last evening
the Dryer no longer chooses to dry..
at least not with warm heat!
had to run Hubs trousers through twice..
cold.. but dry!
calling a repairman..
hello Mr Lonely!!...
wake up! I desperately need you! NOW!!!
hopefully the verdict will be NOT so expensive..
Really , the timing is just awful..
Prayers please!!
Enjoy your day..stop by these fun parties..

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  1. Loved your baby blue.

    Happy Blue Monday, Loui.

    NOTE: Something is wrong with your link. I'll try to fix it as soon as I leave this comment.

    1. Thanks Sally.. I think it's fixed now.. ♥

  2. BLUE Tiful Baby!!!!!

    Love the clothes,


    1. thanks John!
      it was very hard to stop when i did!!

  3. Oh, Braxton is so cute! And I don't think you went overboard at all!!!! Speaking as one grandmother to the next!

    Beautiful flowers! It's sunny here too after a stormy weekend.

    Hope the dryer gets fixed and it doesn't break the bank!

    1. me too Nancy G!
      he is such a sweet cuddly fella!
      love him bunches!!
      have to curb myself when in Target..
      so many adorable "things"trying to jump into my cart!
      I have not even put out a single Pansy,,
      the cold kills my hands!!

  4. I can't believe I spelled his name wrong. I hate when I do that! Please overlook!

    1. no problem..
      I spelled it wrong also!

  5. Looks like when I go shopping for the grands lol Blessings, Debbie

  6. What a precious little bundle of joy! Pretty flowers, too! Hope the weather is nice there today! Hugs! ♥

  7. Adorable baby boy, Grandma! I have suffered from the "I can't stop shopping" syndrome as well. I just spent - well, too much - getting our little Joe outfitted for the coming baseball season with SF Giants gear. I was just going to get him a cap but...Yikes. Then there were the little Easter plates with matching sippy cup. Of course he had to have those. Now I need to get them all in the mail!

    Love the blooms in your post. The daffodils are up here and I see tulips starting to sprout! The citrus blooms aren't quite out yet but, I'm with you, one of my favorite spring scents!

    Good luck with that stubborn dryer. I hope it's something simple.


  8. Gorgeous details in the image of the citrus blossoms!

    Happy MM

  9. Braxton is lucky to have a grandma like you who loves him so. He is so adorable.

  10. Lots of cute stuffs for the baby!He's so adorable!
    My Mellow yellow
    Caracol Festival

  11. Haha! Grandmothers just don't know when to stop, do they??!! LOVE those blues!! Have a great day!!

    Red Nomad OZ
    Amazing Australian Adventures

    PS My Blue Monday features a mermaid! Just sayin' - your blog title made me think you'd like it!!

  12. Beautiful stuffs for the baby boy. My son will be a month old 8 days from now:)

    Visiting for Blue Monday-hope you can stop by:)


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