Monday, May 10, 2010

Blue Monday/ Mosaic Monday

Since arriving in Colorado about five and a half years ago, 
I have truly  fallen in love with my new 'home" state..
The skies are such an incredible shade of blue..
especially when reflecting in many of the state reservoirs..
with the ever-present snow capped Rockies as a backdrop!

Stately Aspens reaching upward to the blue sky overhead..
The Colorado Blue spruce is the State Tree,beautiful even when snow covered!
and the State flower is the blue and white Columbine..
This dainty wildflower comes in a variety of colors..
and each one is my favorite!
So for Mother's Day, (my MIL had given me a gift card back at Christmas..)
which I used at my favorite "sanity saver" during blah gray winter days..
City Floral..
all of the Columbines pictured above are now MINE!..
but unfortunately, they cannot yet be planted.. 
due to that dreaded word SNOW!
yes,we shall have at least 6 inches of snow here in  Denver by Wednesday..
the precipitation will begin Tuesday first as  cold rain, changing over to sleet, then snow..
with all the cold temperatures..
and wicked winds..
and falling snow..
I won't be too blue..
because I'll be busily packing as I'm thinking of Florida..
while counting the days until my toes are actually buried in the sugary white sand of home!
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and to Mary's Little Red House for Mosaic Monday  
hugs and smiles..


  1. Even snow manages to have blue shadows!

  2. Such a lovely columbine-collage. It is one of my favourite flowers!

  3. So enjoyed visiting your blog for the first time today,your photographs are just gorgeous. Have a wonderful trip back home away from all that snow!!
    BTW the music "Fields of Barley" is wonderful too.

  4. Your photos show an absolutely beautiful part of the world and the mosaic of Columbines is gorgeous - such wonderful combinations of colour.

  5. Your pictures are gorgeous, Loui ... especially the Columbine. I can't believe you're going to have snow. April showers are supposed to bring May FLOWERS, not snow!

    I hope you have a wonderful trip to Florida, and will share some pictures of that "sugary white sand of home."

  6. These images are gorgeous Loui.

    Our Columbine is blooming right now. Lots of different colors. They are in the bed where the planted fountain is, growing wildly, just like they were meant to.

  7. Loui, I love the blues. Happy Blue Monday.

  8. I LOVE brother lives out there and we tend to make a trip out there somewhere once a year. So much beauty...back country road trips are the best in late July with all the wildflowers so happy. LOVED seeing your photos....

  9. Hi Loui,

    I agree totally - it's hard to pick a favorite color of columbine! They look so delicate and are yet so hardy. Amazingly, even though they're an alpine flower, they thrive here along the coast (much to my delight)! Your photographs are lovely.


  10. I have fallen in-love with Colorado too. Columbines are about the best native flower ever. I am glad I live here. I am glad you wrote this post about CO!

  11. Lovely pictures of blue. Thanks for sharing.

    Happy Blue Monday.

    My Blue Monday.

  12. Are you kidding?? Snow? THis week? As in May 12?? No way!!!! No way will you have snow in May???!!!!!
    Whew......this deep south gal cannot even imagine that!!!
    You pics are gorgeous....always!

  13. Bonjour Loui,

    I love the header of your blog. Its creative. Happy Blue Monday. You have posted so many beautiful pictures. I'm a new follower. Thanks for sharing. Its was fun.



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where time is not measured..
linger leisurely..
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Make and take those wonderful memories..
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