Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wednesday..with and without words..


It is officially Wednesday, May 12,2010.
I know because the clock now shows almost 2 am.
I should be in bed, fast asleep.
But not.
Just checked outdoors (peeked through the window)
Turned on exterior flood lights..
and yes, my lush green freshly mowed lawn is now white..
had been cold rain earlier when I headed to dreamland..
except  out front, beneath the crabapple..
looks like pink snow with all the petals down.. are my beautiful lilacs..
( I cheated and brought a bunch indoors earlier when snow was definitely headed our way!)
..and  the Yellow Delicious Apple blossoms..
the rains came after a dismally dark and gray day.
just like the weather guessers said..
first rain, then a sloppy mix,
and finally SNOW!
I promise..
I have been good..and complained only somewhat..
well, maybe a lot of somewhat...
but geez..this is mid MAY!
Time for Spring,..
Not a time for gloves and galoshes and heavy clothing!
the high tomorrow? maybe 38..
but the snow will continue..into Thursday..
and then Friday temps will be in the 70's..
Denver will go from this...
to this..
go figure..
This is Colorado.!!
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and Barbara Jacksier for Waterside Wednesday.
Enjoy your day wherever you may be!
My official countdown has begun..
two weeks from today, I' be watching a Florida sunset..
and dining on my favorite seafoods..♥



  1. Did I tell you I was born and raised in Miami?
    Yup. Lived there until I was 14.
    I miss the ocean, but not all the cramped shorelines. Miss the tropical flowers and palm trees and laying on the beach for hours.
    But come summer, I love love love the mountains! beautiful pictures! Say, did you find work yet?

  2. Snow? Snow?????????
    That is way crazy, girl. Snow in May; heck, I don't like snow in January!
    Get thee to Florida as quickly as you can.
    It's a little chilly here in NJ, but ... NO SNOW!

  3. M~
    thanks for the neat response..
    My Grandfather lived in Miami..
    he left Pensacola to work on the building of the Fountainbleu Hotel..and never came north again except to visit.
    like you, I do miss a lot of the "real" Florida..before it became the tourist-mecca of today..
    I love my Colorado home,,except for times like now with the late spring snows..
    or the looooooooong cold snowy winters!
    thats when Florida calls my name on a daily basis..I go, get my fill, and come back to Denver.
    No "real" job yet..several in the mix..hopefully after my trip home..
    I'll keep you posted!
    warmest hugs..

  4. Cool post. We had a snow threat here in the Portland OR area a few weeks back too. Had to cover up our new spring gardens. I like your pictures, all the spring blooms covered in the dusting of snow. Hope some sun heads your way!

  5. Beautiful pics! This weather is really crazy. Thanks for following me. I just returned the favor. Have a great day!

  6. Wow! I have no words.....cannot EVEN imagine. But am so glad you're getting to hit the beaches soon. What part of FL will you be going to? Since it's only a 7 hr drive for me, I go often. Long girlfriend weekends are the best!! Have fun!!

  7. My son (age 16) wants to live in Colorado, even with spring weather like this! He and his dad went on a camping trip to your state a few summers ago and he's been talking about living there ever since.

  8. ...and more snow this morning. Such a long, cold winter this has been!!!
    Your photos are lovely! Glad you were able to bring some lilacs in to enjoy up close.
    Happy weekend!

  9. Hi Loui
    Look at your beautiful photos!!! Well the snow looks beautiful but I can understand you wanting summer.. or at least spring!! We are towards the end of autumn now and it has only just started getting cold.. so I guess I shouldn't complain..

    Thanks for popping in and your lovely comments.. have a great weekend.. xx Julie

  10. owh wonderful..I hope I can visit your country


welcome to my world of salty sunkissed breezes..
where time is not measured..
linger leisurely..
sift sugary white sand between your toes..
Make and take those wonderful memories..
leaving behind..only your footprints...