Monday, May 3, 2010

A-Z Foods on Monday

O.. is for Oyster of course..
and I do love my oysters!
Raw,, on the half shell..

Fried.. crispy and crunchy..

Baked ..Cajun style.. all hot . spicy and cheezy..

and speaking of cheezin..
If I discovered this in my Oyster..

I would be smiling too!!
With that said..
smile while we join Jen Unglazed for more
original and outrageous O foods!


  1. E-gads...they look so revolting to moi!! My Daddy used to love to eat those things,and yesterday would have been his 88th b-day, so I do thank you for bringing him to mind again! Happy A-Z Monday Loui. X-C

  2. O, I love oysters too! Oysters Rockefeller, Oyster Stew and don't forget a Po' boy from New Orleans. Now you've got my mouth to waterin' and supper is still a few hours away.

  3. makin' my mouth water but alas....all of our seafood will be gone because of the oil spill below our state...sigh~~~~gonna go buy a big bucket of oysters tomorrow. Eat 1/2 of em raw, the rest fried......will prolly be the last time we can get them. Poor, poor fishermen...

  4. Well, you do make them look pretty appealing - especially with the pearl attached!

  5. That's a nice post for O but they are not for me! I MIGHT could eat one if it was fried but no other way. Love you new header!

  6. Happy Monday Loui!
    I would never find one of those pearls....cause I would never eat one of those oysters. My mom sure did like them tho, oysters and pearls. ;)

  7. I worked at an oyster bar in my youth, but could never eat them! I'll take that pearl though!

  8. Good morning, Loui! I've never eaten oysters, and I'm not sure I could get past how they look in order to do it! HA! Great post, though! I do love pearls! Have a good week! :D


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