Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Summer Life..

Flipping through my current issue of BH&G,which is  themed, The Summer Life..
The magazine is chock full of fun things to do if you are planning a "staycation" this summer.
The issue features a bit of something for everyone..
grilling, gardening and get-togethers..
  I came across an article  about Mary Kay Andrews.. the author. who just happens to be a favorite of mine!
Well, it was more about her beach home The Breeze Inn on Tybee Island, Georgia.

I won't divulge the details, but I will say the place is gorgeous..
in a delightfully comfortable , yet colorful,  beachy way.
Also mentioned  was   the Pink Flamingo screen door..
Love it!! Brings back so many childhood memories of mine..
 Now being a FOLLOWER  Diane Kaufman of  Mermaid Cottages
 who are the contacts for rental of the cottage,and also Layla and Kevin Palmer  of  The Lettered Cottage who recently stayed in the cottage while doing an article themselves, as well as the author herself, I was more than familiar with details mentioned in the article.
It was an informative and  interesting read,  seeing the behind the scenes efforts photos which turned the cottage from a wreck into the whimsical and lovely beach cottage of today.
A framed collection of best selling books covers by the author.
This latest page turner. The Fixer Upper will accompany me next week on my trip to Florida 
 I would LOVE to visit Tybee Island sometime ..
perhaps touring on something like this?
Or maybe an Island Bike like this?
..so it's a "penciled in in ink" someday event on my "Bucket List"..
or should I call it my "sand pail list"?
Have a beautiful day wherever you are..and please..
keep  on dreaming..
I know I DO!
warmest hugs..laughing smiles..


  1. Loui.
    I just saw your note to Layla and thought I would visit your blog site.
    I LOVE Mary kay Andrews books and started with the Fixer Upper.
    I have one left to read. I adore the stories.
    I think my fav was The Breeze Inn.
    I too can't wait to visit Tybee Island one day soon.
    I loved the book covers framed. Who's house are they in? Guessing Mary Kay Andrwe's. They are very pretty covers and I would do that in my home.
    Loved your site.
    All the Best. geri.

  2. Oh Loui, I DID go to Tybee Island 2 yrs ago with a girlfriend. We went to the Southern Lady celebration in Savannah and stayed on the island in 99 Steps to the Beach!! To Die For! If you get to go, check out that one. So quaint. So colorful. So perfect. We got to meet Jane Coslick, who was arranging for a photo shoot for Paula Deen!!!! It turned out to be such an awesome weekend and the island is so much fun. Truly worth the effort it takes to do the planning.
    So happy that you're going to Fl soon!!!

  3. Tybee Island, only two and a half hours from me is on my Sand Pail (love that, stealing it) list for this summer. One of the other things on my list is a bike, all this island hopping I'm doing, I've decided it is a must have. Haven't been on one in close to 40 years, so it will be interesting, painful or both!

    I'm going to pickup that issue of BH&G this week, looks great!

    Can't wait for you to Get To The Beach!

  4. Ladies..thanks for your wonderful insight about Tybee Island..I wish we could ALL just meet up and stay at one of the fabulous cottages of MERMAID COTTAGES RENTALS..Diane W kaufman is the contact..couldn't you just imagine us "ladies of a certain age' running wild with our colorful beach bikes, snapping away with our cameras.. or just lolling about after a hard day of beaching, eating and just BEING.. we deserve it!
    wishing each of you wonderful beachy day thoughts!!
    hugs and smiles.. Loui♥


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where time is not measured..
linger leisurely..
sift sugary white sand between your toes..
Make and take those wonderful memories..
leaving behind..only your footprints...