Monday, May 10, 2010

A-Z Foods on Monday

They say a picture is worth a thousand words..
follow my ramblings for the foods beginning with P...
in no particular order..
Picnics in the South..
any gathering of People..
families, friends..for whatever reason.. frolic!
the day is started with a bowing of heads,
removing of hats..
for a word of prayer..
blessing everyone in attendance..
remembering those no longer with us..
blessing the foods for nourishment of our bodies..
to better serve our Lord..
Usually  held outdoors under spreading Pecan trees..
or on the  veranda or Porch..
There's always the staple from Potatoes..
mashed, baked ,fried, chips or Potato Salad....
which comes in many varieties..
German, hot or Southern style..
and while waiting for the food to be served,
munch on orange glazed or toasted Pecans  ..
or crack your own..
enjoy  boiled green Peanuts ..
Often there is a Pig Roast..
from which comes Pulled Pork..
scrumptious sandwiches!
or maybe BBQ'd Pork Ribs..
side dishes of  Peas ..
and more home made pickles..dill, Okra, Peppers..
Pepper sauce for the Peas..
Pones of cornbread..
for sopping the Pot liquor of turnip greens or peas..
and  always an array of sliced tomatoes and cucumbers!
marshmallow sweet potato souffle..
delicious, mouthwatering Pies.
Southern sweet Potato pie..
.Pecan, Pumpkin,,,Lemon Meringue..
Homemade Peach Ice Cream!
Pineapple Upside Down Cake..
Or another favorite of  mine..lemon glazed Poundcake..
 Plenty of good eats at this Southern Picnic!
Just had to include this  dish:
the National food of Spain..
and yours truly, eons ago, with my own Autentico Andalucian Paella!
Pop on over to Jen's Unglazed for more Positively Perfect and Popular P foodies!


  1. Happy Monday Loui
    Wow that is a Potpourri of P's!

  2. Boy, this was the wrong post to read right before dinner. Now I'm STARVING!!! Every single picture looks good. Great post!

    Hope you had a good Monday.

  3. Lou, you do the most delicious, southern posts I've ever seen! Looks like you covered all the bases! You made me hungry!

  4. It is official...P is my new favorite letter. Yummo.

  5. Oh Loui, you had me all the way down and through the Paella! I'm drooling, honestly honey, I'm drooling! All I can think of is that song, "These are a few of my favorite things…"
    The only thing better than Southern food, is Southern food with friends and family.

    You must come by today if you get the chance and see my new mermaid, I thought of you when the store clerk was wrapping her up, you're going to love her!

  6. Oh Loui all this food just gave me heartburn! (I'm subject to that.) Loved the pictures...especially the pecan tree. Patrick & I were married under the shade of a pecan tree in his folks/sister's front yard. Ahhh memories.

  7. Porches and potato salad....those are my favorites as they remind me that summer is on its way!
    The peach ice cream looks pretty delish, too. We tried to find boiled peanuts on our trip south, but never did.
    Great list!


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