Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year..

2009..was not the worst of times..
but it came pretty darn close!
..but was better than the previous ..
2008  was horrible in many aspects..
looking back..
I have been blessed!
relatively good health.
excellent eyesight..
sound of mind..
much needed sense of humor..
loving family and friends... 
both on and off line..
a working computer..
fabulous Nikon and Kodak cameras!
subjects galore
three feline furbabies..
a roof over my head..
food in the freezer and on the table..
Coffee and tea..
employed again , finally!
Am embracing 2010 with an open mind and heart..
..being thankful for blessings received..
and not setting unreasonable expectations,
just attainable day at a time..
and hoping for a better year than the past..
Perhaps this blue moon is a sign of good things to come..
It is the last blue moon of the month,.. the year .., the decade!

Warm hugs..laughing smiles..Loui♥
Same time..Next year..Same place!
Be there!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sunset at Seaside

Sunsets  are magical..
slowly closing  the curtain on another day..
I've always loved that special time of day...
even more so when walking  the beach..
in solitude..
alone with my maker and my thoughts..

                                For my sister Di.. birthday wishes                            

                                  A cool morning at Seaside FL.  

Later ,our trek down stair steps to the beach begins..
The beach is bathed all moody blue as dusk creeps in..

                                 Ahhhhh....soothing serenity..

                               peaceful..warms my very soul..


almost..nearly gone..

                                So last look back..

 looking down..
 I see footprints..mine..
 I came. memories were made and taken..
 reminders of this visit..
only my footprints left in the damp sand.
 sand between my toes, in my shoes..
 ensuring  again that I will in reality return..
 again and again in my memories..
 so special and cherished..
                                            my beach and I.....  again united..ONE!  by Barbara Jacksier for Waterside Wednesday
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..above good to yourself..and make it a beautiful day!
warm hugs..laughing smiles..

Sunday, December 27, 2009

A to Z backwards Monday B


Baby blues..




Baby Birds

Blue boat




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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Holiday Wishes


At this most beautiful time of year..

.. thoughts turn to family and friends..

both far and near..

so to you, my blogging family of such dear friends..

I'd like to wish each of you the Merriest of Christmases..
and the happiest of New Years..
and me?

I'm dreaming of a White Christmas..

Beachy Style....

You see..I've been very, very good  this year...
Merry ho ho ho!

Warm hugs..laughing smiles..with love from Denver..

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Monday A to Z Backwards..C

is for many many things..
most of you are expecting me to talk about my Cats..
or my Colorful flowers..
or the Canary Islands of Spain..
or Cousins..
or contemporary art and/or musical genres..
or we could discuss the myriad of Cleaning products..
or Colonial furnishing or even that bygone era..
or perhaps Cucumbers..or Cockle shells..
or maybe, just maybe.. my beloved Gulf Coast..
or even Calendars..
But no..
I'm going share Cherished Memories of Christmases past..
One of my most memorable as a child was the year I got my first bike..
I was probably seven as the youngest sibling had not yet been born...
We had been tucked  into bed,Cousins were due to arrive sometime in the wee hours before daybreak..
The house was still and quiet when I awoke..and of course I was drawn to the tree, lights aglow. and so many presents under the tree..I opened a beautiful bride doll (a much desired item of the time) not  before noticing my name was NOT on the package..I looked and discovered a doll not as pretty with my name on it..but the BIKE  was mine! Determined , I mounted the bike and rode cautiously and hopefully quietly around the room.Upon trying to restore the bike to its proper resting place beside the tree, I knocked over both the bike and the tree..
which brought both my Mom and Dad in to see what the commotion was..I was spanked for my naughtiness and for waking the entire household! I was not allowed to ride the bike at all that day as punishment..but all the other kids did..and had a ball! my cousin felt sorry for me and let me "hold" her beautiful bride doll..even if i was sulking with my bottom lip poked out!
There were Christmases of leaner times when our gifts were homemade..but crafted with such love by our mom.We always had a Christmas Ham, boxes of fruit and nuts, and Daddy always made  the best fudge.. and cakes..there was among the "gifts" the dreaded Fruit cake that somehow was the last to be eaten..But Daddy made Christmas special with hard peppermint candy..his version of egg nog (I do NOT drink this stuff) and we would gather around the little wooden radio to listen to Christmas music after having ridden around various wealthy neighborhoods  to look at Christmas lights..later we were  tucked into bed with the visions of presents dancing in our heads..
Fast forward to Christmases with my son..

From the beginning, we established the rule Christmas morning was for the three of us alone. this allowed us to experience our Child's wonderment of the tree, the gifts and the love of Mommy and Daddy. Grandparents were welcome to come in the afternoon to watch football, and to share in the Christmas dinner..( the Family affair was on Christmas Eve where gifts were exchanged..and  everyone contributed a dish).
One year my sis in law and I stood in line to get a Marvel the Mustang galloping pony for our kids..only to discover on Christmas morning that the wheels on this would get stuck in the floor furnace grate..causing the child to fall off. It also wreaked havock on hardwood floors..

Marvel was soon put out to pasture never to be seen again...
Years later, while living in Spain, I had to return to the states for an emergency which turned into a funeral.
As sad as the event was,  I did manage to pick up stateside items which could not be obtained in Spain. Our overseas shopping  choices were limited to base exchange and catalog ordering. When I was returning to Spain,my flight from Atlanta to Miami was delayed in arriving,causing 16 of us to be left stranded in Miami. A young Spanish girl who was flying alone, clung to me for assistance. First she called her Dad who was  a high level person with Aviaco, the Spanish airline which we were to have connected with..He told me to find a fight to London..which we did,and we both headed out without being stranded over Christmas.. Reaching London, I discovered my ticket  would not let me go any further..again my young friend called Daddy..and he made a miracle happen for me..we were boarded and flew first class to Madrid where daddy met I was 24 hours overdue, my family had not heard from me..but Daddy had called the base, spoke with my husband and was told when to pick me up!!! Still had to make the last leg of my flight..and no luggage..but Home I went.
Luggage was waiting at my final destination!! loaded it all into the car, and home we went to a surprise for me.. in my absence, a load of "American  Christmas Trees" had arrived on base..and Keith bought one for me..He had decorated it himself..and called it a Charlie Brown Tree..

all that was needed was to add love..

To me.. the thought of the love that went into obtaining and decorating  that sad, bare twigged tree was the true meaning of Christmas..the selfless giving to bring joy to another..
Over the years we've had some Christmases more beautiful than others..but when all the trimmings and trapping are removed, it is the LOVE in our hearts which make it truly Christmas.!

Here's wishing you and yours the merriest of Christmases yet!.
PS Santa..I've been very very good this year........

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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Monday A to Z Backwards..D many choices..but for easily decided! for December..the most delightful time of the year!
Decorations, declarations..dancing dolls, drummers..
my best friend!

The third sibling of four, a welcome relief to me after the brother..
Born on December 7..Pearl Harbor day..years later..
a real live playmate..she with the dark mysterious laughing eyes..
Being the eldest,I tested the waters of parental boundaries..
Diane, the sweet, quiet shy sister..observed and learned..quickly!
We grew up..lived our lives..
She, the healer, maintained the hearths of home..
Always a welcoming beacon for me the traveler..
Over the years, I've been her biggest and loudest cheering fan..
Achievements..she has many firsts of which to be proud.. 
College graduate,Master's degree, Registered Nurse..
all accomplished on her own with no monetary assistance from family..
Devoted Mother to Aaron..
Community leader, dear and faithful friend to many..
So each December we first celebrate her birthday..
this one was no exception..

Cupcakes and candles work just fine..
before moving full swing into the myriad of holiday activities..
My trip to Florida was just share yet another birthday with her..
A simple beach affair around a fire..

to toast sunset..

Her dear and cherished friends and I..

to wish her many,many more happy birthdays..

a sunset to remember the day we celebrated your day with you..
on that chilly December nite in smoke got into our eyes..

...which rapidly turned into your birthday wish come true..

I love you little sis..and the beautiful intelligent woman you've become!
Happy Birthday from the bottom of my heart!!!

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Friday, December 11, 2009


Greetings from Panama City Florida....

Most of you dear blogging friends know that I have been in Florida for the past week..

Visiting my sister and supposedly doing all sorts of neat stuff!

some of which I did accomplish with a flourish..
but by mid-week,my enthusiasm as well as stamina had both gone down the drain..
I awoke with a terribly sore throat, which rapidly became a horrific case of bronchitis!
so..I have been ingesting antibiotics every 4 hours,

washed down with hot honey -lemon tea,

followed with Advil chasers..
yesterday had to have been the humpday..
sneezing and blowing my nose,

I sweated, I froze and slept inbetween medicine doses...
today has been much better..
but the weather here has been dreary and inside I stayed.

I still sound as though I've eaten a frog..

but at least I can converse somewhat..

I will be winging my way back to Denver on saturday..

having missed most of the sub artic deep freeze!

With a projected temperature of 45 degrees and my health somewhat restored..
one could easily say I am in the pink!

Next stop..Denver Colorado..ready or I come!
But you..wing yourself on over Beverly's How Sweet the Sound more Pink Saturday fun..