Monday, September 28, 2009

Blue Monday

Memories..Misty water color memories..

Texas Bluebonnets..
Was sorting and scanning old photos and ran across this one.
Yep,that's me,way back then,posing in a field of Bluebonnets!
Taken in 1970, at my cousins place in Waxahatchee, Texas.
My expression is due to allergies..swollen eyes and sneezes..
but I adore  these flowers..the aroma is heavenly!
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A-Z Monday..O

a magical letter..
representing so many things..
such as ....

One.. 1  a number..a single anything
Occasions.. (one nite stands?) holidays.. events
Occupations.. oncologist, optometrist
Operations.. (ongoing investigations) surgical

Observations..Viewing and seeing occurences...
Orange..both a color O  and a fruit.. orangish apeish fella who loves fruit..
Owl..a BIG eyed night hunting bird..
Ocean..bodies of water which covers our planet where land does not..
Oceanliners..seagoing ships traveling the oceans..
Octopus..ocean creature with one eyeand eight tentacles!
OXYGEN..our life giving air that we breathe..
One source of oxygen is from..
Oak trees...found in forests..
October is a fall month when..
Oak leaves change colors..
One color is Orange, another Ochre Yellowish ..another Red..
Outside exploring
Outdoors , 
Occupy your senses!

OOOOOOOH! October is a time for awesome ,colorful Autumn Oaks!!!
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Friday, September 25, 2009

Autumn State of mind?

    An Autumn State of Mind? 

Everyone seems to be really into Fall decorating..
Here in Denver, the weather has warmed considerably..

since a morning temp of 45 degrees..
but with beautiful blue skies, Finally!!
..and trees still sporting more green than color, 
it really is hard for me to just switch  from summer to fall..
Perhaps if  I were to view photos from last year..
maybe that would put me int an Autumn state of mind?  

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wednesday..Waterside and without words

Aspen, Colorado..Maroon Bells..
One of the most beautiful and photographed sites in Colorado.
No matter the season, or the reason..the view is spectacular..
To be there and view in person is AWESOME....
It is one of those Kodak moments ..that will take your breath away!
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Sunday, September 20, 2009

A-Z Monday..P.. for many things:

PLENTY of words...
Blame it all on them!
I was their first child, arriving with no directions, 
or skills for parenting. they just made up the rules as they went along!
always hoping for the best
Precocious and inquisitive was I..
Pretty? nope,A tomboy ..yes!
"Pretty was as pretty did" said Mom.
Many times found me being far from pretty!
A Daddy's girl, his little fishing buddy..
and constant shadow,
He was my hero..
Survival of the other three siblings was through FEAR I bravely tested the waters, pushed the parents to their limits and yes, 
frequently and  sorely tested their patience.
Secretly they admired my antics,and achievements,
but dared not to copy me.
I was one of a kind, unique, marching to my own drum..
But parents do know best..
I think it is an inborn trait..
This flow of knowledge spews forth at the birth of their firstborn..
With that knowledge is the secret of getting revenge..
which emerges with the birth of their first Grandchild!
Whatever my son Keith wanted, he got..from Poppy and Granny..
Their freezer and pantry stayed stocked with all his favorites..
And where he wanted to go, they went,and stayed until He was ready to go..
but their sweetest revenge of all was when Keith would utter these words..
"I don't have to, Poppy said so!
You can't make me, Granny said I didn't have to!
I don't Like you. you are a meanie!.
I love Poppy and Granny  the BEST!
Sadly, my mom passed away when Keith was only  three..
but the two of them had formed a very strong,loving bond.
Keith learned to enjoy and love the secrets of the outdoors,from her.
And from Poppy, he learned trust, honor and  unconditional love..
My parents were married for twenty eight years before her death at age fifty two..He was fifty eight..recently retired,full of hopes and plans for their future.
He picked a site ,shaded by a small oak her final resting place.
His was next to hers ,waiting for him.
When his time comes,he asked, please,follow this as a last request...
He wanted nothing fancy as funeral attire, no suits and ties...
just plain overalls and a new white shirt, freshly starched and ironed..
I asked why?
His answer was simple and full of love as he said.....
"It's been a long time,so I've got to make sure she sees me!
She wouldn't recognize me dressed any other way"
Daddy has been gone from me for sixteen years now...
and not a day goes by that he is not in my thoughts..or actions
Together at last ,they  rest eternally in the shade of the now giant oak tree..
as in life and now in love.

P is also for Precious.. in precious memories of parental guidance.laced with love ..
steering my way to be the very best at whatever I would choose to be!
And preserving their  memory as a legacy for my son....

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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Pink Saturday

Not really being a Pink person..
meaning am not fond of the color.
I can think of a few things I do like..
Pink Flamingos..
Funny birds..
great contortionists..
knotty knees..
but such beautiful colors....

Pink Dogwoods..
so delicate..
blossoms on gnarly trees. 

And this pretty pink

Delicate, dancing Fuschia..
Looking like a fairy ballerina.
so girly..
so frilly..
and Pink!

Bleeding hearts..
like pink pearls..

delicate, frothy

Of course..
Cinderella's Castle..
glowing with pink lights..

Well... maybe I do like pink after all?
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Friday, September 18, 2009

Fun Friendly Findings on Friday!!

I've visited many blogs trying to reconnect with former blogsters.
Please drop by and visit  each and find a bit inspiration, humor, tears, food for the body and soul  and touches of whimsy..
all are just so friendly and delightful..
.. At My Cottage of Bliss was the most beautiful, charming dining room  makeover..
Shari had everything painted white!! 
Loved it..
the furniturefinds were inexpensively priced, but oh, such elegant pieces..
would look so beautiful in my humble abode..
..Then off to visit Zaroga's Nook
she was busy cleaning and cooking a delicious chicken and rice casserole..for Foodie Friday.
** (help..can't find the connection..would Love sharing my curried chicken salad..served up in whole wheat pita pockets!)
..laughed with Queen Bee Suz down in south Florida and her encounters with reptilian critters..been there..done that!
they'e everywhere!! stop "a moment of silence" with Laura Bray at Katydiddys exchanging sympathies over the loss of her Canon camera..It died..but is being resurrected  via warranty.. Yeah!!
..and finally back to Jen's Unglazed where she announced the winner of Birds and Blooms  giveaway..Dont' forget to join the fun there   on Monday A-Z Monday with the letter P..
Now heading back to see Smiling Sally  for Pink Saturday.. join the fun there by posting pink stuff!
and lastly..back to see my friend Dorothy at Counting my Blessings.. it's nearing lunchtime and she ALWAYs has the most delicious menus!! all served with sweet iced tea!! Yummy!
I have so many faves..want to visit all of you.. unfortunately life calls..and I do have to return to reality..YUK!!!
so look for me here.. there and everywhere!!
Ps.. gotta get my daily  fill of BEACH!.. headed to DJ"s at BarrierIslandGirl..She always serves up the most delicious offerings of my home by way of happenings, the most exquisite photos of sky, water and sugary white sands !! gotta say hi and sprinkle sand in my shoes and wiggle my toes in the sand!! (thanks to DJ, my connection to home is secure..and many heartfelt thanks friend for getting me started and introducing me to the wonderful world of blogging!! !♥♥! )
♥hugs and smiles from Denver!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thursday thoughts..

Today, I felt like sharing..
instead of being thrifty!
My cats..
Cat Ballou all fluffy and grey..
with Big green eyes..
Bubba G..a huge orange pumpkin..
withbright gold eyes..
and finally BeBe..a long hair Calico
with soft clear green eyes
all are toss-aways..rescued by me..
with love..
which is returned unconditionally..
well they expect food, fresh water..
a clean poopie-parlor and treats!

PLENTY of treats..
They provide unlimited entertainment...
both day and night.
Mosttimes funny..sometimes NOT..
but they are always a joy!!!

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Waterside Wednesday ..with and without words

                                        Ladybug on Queen Anne's Lace
                                         Morning sun over Pensacola Bay

                                         Good Wednesday morning Blogger Friends!
                                         Cool and cloudy here in Denver today..
                                         Coffee at hand.. deliciously hot and tasty!
                                 my heart tho,
                                          .. the sun is shining brightly!!
                                          hope your world is bright and beautiful too!