Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Thursday..Eye Candy

Knowing me so well,
my dear friend and sea-sister-of-my-heart Margo..
felt a tug at her heart today..

"This afternoon I was on my way to my weekly trip to the Fresh Market in Destin.

As I drove down Hwy. 98 on the Island toward the Destin Bridge,I looked over at the spectacular scenery and went back and made a U-Turn.
Drove back to the beach access just a little bit east of the
Matterhorn and took a hike out to the beautiful Gulf of
It was so wonderful!! 80 degrees, windy and low humidity!
I cannot remember a better weather day for the beach!
I was walking about for an hour taking shots. 
and it was such wonderful weather today that it makes me sad to know I'll be missing it for the next few days since I have to work close shift at work.
If you live around here: Go out there!!!
So perfect!
How I wish we could keep this as Forever Weather all summer.!"
well said sweet Margo..
here is living color, of that spectacular emerald coast Paradise..

Places her Flip-Flops in a strategic location as a reminder of access point down to the water...
 very common sight on the rod stuck in the sand...
Another common sight on the beach..the PROMISED eye candy..the wonderful colors of the water! Sugary white sand!
Look at the clarity of the ever changing colors of the beautiful Emerald Coast waters!
Margo waving and saying " Hurry up! I wish you were here!"
A self portrait ..My Mer-sister-of-my-heart..Margo!  
a true mermaid , siren of the sea! Red hair and warmest heart!
Love you Margo!! thanks for Sharing!! 
I'll soon be there!!


If a picture says a thousand words..
this  one speaks in volumes..
says it all..
what, if anything,does it say to you?

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

News Flash! Hot off the Wire!

Look who's come to visit!
our special fella was at the park ..
enjoying the outdoors..
gorgeous springtime weather..
with Mommy!
XOXOXO's to everyone!
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Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday's Mermaids...

I recently saw this cover photo of a book somewhere..
was immediately struck by the Name..a
nd the colors..

said to self, "that's  a perfect Monday post..
would cover most of the parties  I attend that day!"
Of course, being me, with the inquiring mind...

I began the search to appease voraciously hungry mind!
when I Googled,  Margot Datz,  
I found all of this:

The landlocked mermaid is a symbol of the contemporary woman, 
trapped in a paradoxical dilemma of being part worldly and domesticated, 
part untamable and intuitive. 
Margot Datz - Waiting for her ship to come in
In A Survival Guide for Landlocked Mermaids
artist Margot Datz sees the she-nymph within, struggling to emerge, 
and in a swirl of whimsical and witty wisdom,
 lovingly offers tips for today's world of dating, mating, and beyond.
A Survival Guide for Landlocked Mermaids
Margot's beautifully painted, contemporary mermaids..
 are caught in the nets of their own comical dilemmas, 
circling the heart's fishbowl of romantic longings..

 and in the murky depths of deep emotion.
Margot Datz - Something About Him Made Her Want to Be Naughty
Whether it's the value of cultivating an inner water garden..
 or coping with crow's feet and fish tails, 
Margot offers advice and an enchanting way of hydrating your weary mermaid soul.
Coy, sweetly mischievous, and a pinch sagacious, 
this is a book that, like a good glass of wine, 
can be enjoyed multiple times, sipped on, or downed in one reading.
Don't leave home without your Mermaid Purse!"
Margot Datz is a self-taught painter, 

sculptor, interior designer and prolific writer

whose imagery and beautifully crafted metaphors whisk those
who read her words away, almost immediately
Margot Datz - When the moon was full, she felt the tug of the tides
As a woman who lives by the sea and spends her life creating genius pieces of art,
including a spectacular eighty-five-foot mural 
and bas-relief installation for the  Arkansas Children’s Hospital 
and illustrations for four children’s books for friend Carly Simon, 
her talent is apparent and defined in her book,
 A Survival Guide for Landlocked Mermaids
.Margot Datz - Reflections
Her book, while it may first look like a typical children’s book,
 is filled with the wisdom a woman learns through years of life experience. 
Margot Datz - Girlfriends
She advises that in order to even think about a man in your life, 
you must first not only accept, but truly love yourself, faults and all. 
She also goes through the types and behaviors of men and reminds
 us all that love is a luxury to have in one's life. 
While Datz advises us women on all of life’s little setbacks and luxuries, 
she also reminds us that it’s important to also focus on the fun stuff,
like accessories and sexy lingerie that makes a woman feel her absolute best ..
and it’s always important to be a little naughty. 
"There is a splendor in being true to yourself...

 If you hide your authentic self from the rest of the world, a 
unique life will pass you by...
So head up, chest out, tail fanned... 
Dare to bare your heart and and soul... and be true to yourself."
 - Margot Datz 

"I cannot understand my obsession for SHOES!"
"...surely woman rose from the frothy sea,
 as resplendent as Aphrodite on her scalloped chariot." 
— Margot Datz (A Survival Guide for Landlocked Mermaids)

Pictured above is one of the illustration found on Margot's website, that goes with the following message.
No Dredding of Shedding
Mermaids are psychologically complex. 
They are part conscious,part unconscious. 
Sometimes the underwater part of them sheds old habits and perceptions, 
making way for transformation.
 It's a deep blue process that starts from within - 
one that can't always be explained, even to those we love. 
But a mermaid trusts life and its mysteries and survives sea changes.

Margot Datz - How She Spent the Long Cold Winter

For more info on Margot Datz, click on the links:

A Survival Guide for Landlocked Mermaids

About Margot Datz

Margot Datz Home

and with all said and done..I'm in the partying mood with these wonderful folks!

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wednesday.. again..

I feel like the Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland..
dashing hither and yon..loudly proclaiming.. 

I'm late! I'm late!!! for an important date!
Have had another full eventful week..
*Dermatologist: stitches removed from the skin cancer site.
  pronounced free and clear of SC..healing nicely 
*Retina appointment: basically, no detachment.loosening of vitreous section behind the retina.. making the detachment a possibility. the floaters..some of the leaking stuff.. all to be lived with until actual detachment occurs.. then can be fixed with a laser procedure in the office.. makes me almost want to say go ahead and happen so we can get it fixed and move on!
drives me buggy.. makes me feel like I'm looking and seeing cross-eyed!
*Hubby has his own issues..well other than missing all the comforts of me, the felines, who "obviously" are  missing him also... 
the kids, the Grands..
He is having to learn a new electronic medical computer system..he was sufficiently comfortable with the terribly impatient..but is finding each new day better than the previous.(that's called Making Progress!) 
Today he was was ecstatic when he called..his new Dr.Coats arrived.. all 5 of them.. monogrammed with his name! 
told Suggested that he have one of his co-workers with
a smart phone photograph him and email it to me..
we'll see. 
Why is this all such a big deal?
He worked long and hard at becoming a Doctor...
is proud of being one, and prefers to look professional. 
At his previous job, everyone dressed in street clothes. (which was not to his liking for many reasons)..
He has worn his coat all these years  until the last job..
Again, he is proudly wearing the uniform of his profession.

He attended the wedding of my niece this past weekend..
told me she was a beautiful bride.. yes! totally correct!

Beautiful ..that she definitely was!  congrats S♥ & J♥!
okay.. now to the fun stuff..I've been out and about on several occasions .. with the Nikon..Spring is just so beautiful here in Denver..gonna miss the beauty of this season so much!!

Taken early this morning! love the dappled  sunlight!

Can you believe I labeled this as Lily Tulipzer when saving?
I thought it to be the perfect title..
And this one..Forget Me Not Tulips.
For my Watery about this:
Rained in torrents.with hail.. and even lightning..

Now.. for a shot of the coast..taken yesterday afternoon by Margo..Note the RED flag flying.. dangerous surf.. muggy day..rainy stormy night..

Washed masses of seaweed ashore..will be gone in a day or so..

Ready to join the fun at these Wonderful Wednesday Parties..C'mon! Let's go!!

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Hello friends~
seems like ages have passed since I last posted..
and it definitely has been awhile..
where shall I begin..
at the beginning of course..

and that will start closer to currently which is really at or near the ending..
View image
Hubby is in Pensacola, Florida. after a 3 day drive across country...
topics we discussed:
*was amazed  at seeing the Gulf of Mexico again..
From this.. ^ too this:

this was a first of seeing the coastline  so heavily devastated by newly constructed highways, homes and businesses..
*missed the destructive tornadoes of Dallas by a few hours..
*attended orientation, day 2.
*his FREQUENT phone calls speak volumes..
*he is HAPPY..
*Happy to be at a job where the stress level is almost non-existent!

*A job which has regular hours, no nights or weekends being on call.
*No Hospital or nursing Home Rounds..
*A chain of command for airing of grievances..

*Happy to be able to take a break outside watching the Blue Angels practicing their Air Show routines..remembering when he too was with the Blues as their Flight Surgeon!

*He is MOST happy being un-tethered from the supplemental oxygen which has been for him a way of life since March 20, 2008..
he is not happy being so far away from me, the felines, and the kids and Grands..

Here at home, things are progressing slowly..
*painting has been delayed..
*packing is pretty much on track..
*having trouble securing a rental in Florida..
most folks do not like  leases of under a year..
especially when pets are involved..
I/we prefer not to be tied into a year long lease as we plan to purchase a new home before the end of the year..One has to think along the lines of  "FOR TAX PURPOSES" ! that will be our way of recouping the expenses of relocation..and the selling of this house. We do have a Realtor there looking for us..  also have one here, waiting in the wings ready to hang the For Sale sign..

*Spring has /is arriving in pretty, this favorite season of mine..haven't had too many opportunities to be out with the Nikon..
so I just created a few!! and had a ball..

will post a few.. which I had so much fun framing..

tell me what you think..okay?
am joining these fun parties..

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